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What is a Low Flow Toilet?

What is a Low Flow Toilet? A flush is just a flush right? Not in the case of the amount of water your toilet uses to flush down the unmentionables. Whether you are on a well or using city water, limited the amount of wasted water flushed down the drain is an excellent way to not only help the environment but also reduce your monthly bills. Simply put, a low flush toilet, (also known as a high efficiency toilet), uses

Top 5 Spring Tips for your HVAC System

Top 5 Spring Tips for your HVAC System: The costs involved in keeping you comfortable throughout the seasons is your single highest expense. As we enter the cooling season, making sure your system is running at its peak performance is key to keeping your energy costs down and keeping you cool. Fortunately, as a homeowner there are a number of quick tips that you can follow to make your HVAC system is up to par and will keep running throughout

Spring Storms are Coming

Spring Storms are Coming- Is Whole Home Surge Protection Worth the Cost? Crack, Boom, Pow… No this is not the sounds of super heroes, but the lightning and storm sounds of spring. Your home is vulnerable to electrical power surges every day, not just during storm season. Spring does pose additional hazards to your electrical system with the potential of lightning strikes. What is Whole Home Surge Protection? Simply put, a surge protector diverts or grounds the power generated by

Is Your Water Heater Too Old and Ready to Fail?

Is Your water Heater Too Old and Ready to Fail? You surely don't look forward to a cold shower. How do you know that your water heater is on its last leg and do you even know how old your water heater is? We see water heater breakdowns beginning to occur as soon as age 5-7 of the unit. Most certainly, about 70% of units that are age 12+ have already failed or are in need of replacement. Know

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