Your AC is Frozen Mid-Summer… Now What?

Oh, the joys of warm weather. We wait all winter long for the heat to come, and when it arrives we rely on our AC systems to keep comfortable. What happens when your mid heat and the air has stopped blowing from your vents? As you step outside to the scorching temps to troubleshoot your system, you find your outdoor AC unit is covered in ice! What a crazy sight to see! So now what?

It may be a shock to see ice formed around your unit, but a frozen AC is a common problem during the hot Georgia months. Here’s a step by step guide to what causes this common AC breakdown and what to do next:

What Causes a Frozen AC?

  • Dirty Air Filter- A dirty air filter can inhibit the air flow through your system. This can cause your system to freeze up. Make sure to have your seasonal maintenance and change your air filters regularly.
  • Refrigerant Leak- Even a pin hole sized refrigerant (Freon) leak can wreak havoc on your HVAC system. Refrigerant is needed to cool your home but the lines that carry the refrigerant may over time become worn from normal wear and tear and cause your system to freeze.
  • Insufficient Air Flow- Damaged ductwork, a dirty evaporator coil, not enough return ducts and of course a dirty air filter can all restrict the flow through your HVAC system. Your AC is not getting the required amount of air to operate properly and causes the coil’s temperature to drop. The result is a frozen AC.

What do I Do Now?

If your system is frozen, the first step is to always shut it down to allow for the ice to melt. Check your air filter to see if it is the main cause of any air obstructions. Lastly, contact a professional to verify that you do not have a leak in the system. A system low on refrigerant or one that is charged incorrectly can only be repaired by an expert. Contact the experts at Guardian to provide you with regular maintenance that can help eliminate mid-summer AC breakdowns.