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Having a secondary source of electricity when disaster happens is important. The experts at Guardian can help you with a whole home generator installation. Having a back up in the event your power goes out can save you thousands of dollars of food and provide you a little convenience when faced with an emergency.
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Unpredictable and damaging weather can down power lines and leave you without electricity for hours to days. This can dramatically inconvenience you and your family. You rely on your electricity to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, the lights on, your food refrigerated and may even need it for medical equipment.

When you’re left without power, a whole home generator is your backup source for electricity. It provides you an uninterrupted power source for your times of need. Guardian’s technicians provide you with whole home generator repair, maintenance, and installation services. With a seamless generator installation from Guardian, you are always protected with warranties and our satisfaction guarantee.

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How a Generator can save you thousands

No Risk for Spoiled Food

No Risk for Spoiled Food

A whole home generator will keep your power on, thus keeping your refrigerator and freezers running. Within a matter of hours, your refrigerated food can reach unsatisfactory temperatures and you’re left with a mess to clean up and wasted food.

Automatic Power

Automatic Power

When the power grid fails, your whole home generator will automatically turn on. There is no requirement from you to flip a switch. Even if you are away from home, there is no work on your part. The generator will automatically turn on and provide your home with the energy it needs to run your appliances.

Safe Alternative to Power

Safe Alternative to Power

You can purchase a free standing and portable generator for unexpected power outages. Portable generators can emit gas fumes and the power runs out when your fuel source does. If you have an extended power outage and do not have a stock of fuel, your portable generator will be seemingly useless. A whole home generator provides you stress free convenience.



When your main power supply fails, having a whole home generator is a much more efficient way to power your home. Portable generators can only emit a certain amount of power and need to be refueled often. Whereas a home generator is a seamless source of power that is integrated into your home’s electrical system.

Use Your Plumbing with No Interruption 

Use Your Plumbing with No Interruption 

A whole home generator allows you to continue using your plumbing system. Keep your electric water heater running. Your sump pump will continue working without delay. Maybe your home is on a well. There will be no interruption to your main water source with a whole home generator.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

When storms are near, the stress is high with the thoughts of a possible power outage and damage. A whole home generator installation is a quick and easy solution to the worries of lost power. Do you have lifesaving equipment in the home, freezers full of food? A whole home generator will provide you the peace of mind needed in any instance of power outage.

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Had a wonderful first experience using Guardian for our electrical needs! It’s nice to know there are still good, honest companies out there that are committed to their customer’s needs without charging a fortune. Will most definitely be using again!

- Richard Y.

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Avoid unnecessary power outages and damage to your home with a whole home generator. Your home is your biggest investment. Protect your food, belongings, and family with an installation of a whole home generator. Guardian offers the highest quality electrical services that include repair, maintenance, and whole home generator installation. Contact the experts at Guardian and schedule a free in home estimate and keep the lights on.

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