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Garbage Disposals

Whether your garbage disposal has seen better days, or you are looking to install a new one, Guardian’s team of expert plumbers offer seamless garbage disposal repair and installation.
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Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal is installed under your kitchen sink to grind food into small enough pieces that can easily flow down your drainpipes. Many homeowners misuse and abuse their garbage disposal sending large quantities of food and debris down the drain. In reality, garbage disposals are meant to macerate the little bits and pieces left on your plates making dish duty a breeze.

Guardian’s team of licensed plumbers are trained to diagnose your failing garbage disposal and provide you with repair or replacement options. We will get your sink flowing again quickly, getting you back to normal using the latest tools and equipment.

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What Not to Put in your Garbage Disposal

A quick and sanitary way to dispose of your plate scraps, garbage disposals are not meant to grind everything. The motor may be strong and seemingly a workhorse, but your garbage disposal can quickly become clogged or burn out if you send the wrong things down the drain. Follow the no no list and never send these items down your disposal:

Coffee Grounds

Meat or Meat Bones

Egg Shells

Bananas, Pineapple, and other Fibrous Vegetables

Corn Husks & Nuts

Fruit Seeds & Pits

Potato Peels


Onion Skins

Expandable Pasta, Oats and Rice

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How to Troubleshoot your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a relatively simple mechanical appliance. Before contacting Guardian for repair, you can try these troubleshooting steps first.
  • Often there is a reset button located at the bottom of the garbage disposal. If you hear the motor humming but there is no grinding, try to rest the unit.
  • If you find that there may be something lodged in the disposal, always make sure there is no chance of it being turned on. You can use a light to see the inside and a wooden spoon to dislodge the foreign item. Never put your hand down the disposal.

If either of these steps don't assist you in getting your disposal up and running again, contact the licensed plumbing team at Guardian to repair or replace your unit. With fully stocked trucks and teams ready to provide quality products and quick service, you'll get an exceptional value.. guaranteed!

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