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Heat Pump Repair

When Atlanta weather turns chilly, you depend on your heat pump to bring the heat. If your heater breaks down and stops blowing warm air, Guardian's team is ready to repair your heat pump right away with the highest level of expertise and care.
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Guardian Can Help with Your Heat Pump Repairs

You can rely on Guardian Home Experts for top quality heat pump repair. From minor repairs and maintenance to replacements, Guardian's team, is quick and efficient in providing you with solutions. Don't take our word for it. Guardian was voted the Best HVAC Company in Atlanta 3 years in a row by homeowners just like you!

Guardian's team will properly diagnose and repair your heat pump. We'll arrive with a fully stocked truck, ready to troubleshoot your broken heater. As a five star rated company with thousands of reviews, Guardian's customer service is unmatched. It shows through our accurate diagnosis and proper repairs. If you're looking for a reliable and customer focused team, contact Guardian and we'll repair your heat pump same day!

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Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

In Atlanta, homeowners depend more on their air conditioning than their heater. Often times heat pump maintenance is overlooked. It never fails when the temperatures drop, your heat pump stops working when you need it most. Routine heater tune ups can prevent emergency heating breakdowns and address any concerns before larger problems result. If you skipped the tune up and are seeing excessive wear and tear on your system, be on the lookout for these common heat pump problems. Guardian's certified heat pump technicians will diagnose your breakdown and provide you with fast and accurate repairs.

Cold air blowing

No hot air coming from vents.

Poor or weak air flow

Don't feel air coming from your vents?


Clicking, grinding, squealing or hissing noises are not normal.

Blank thermostat

Change your batteries. If no result, you need an expert. 

Heat Pump is Frozen

See ice on the outside unit? Call the experts. 

Unusual smells

Burning plastic, electrical smells, mold or musty smells need attention.

Increased Energy Costs

Bills going up with no changes to daily routine?

Short Cycling

Heat pump turns on and off repeatedly.
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Connect With Your Heating Experts

How we Provide you Top Quality Heat Pump Service

Contact the experts at Guardian to schedule your heat pump repair or maintenance. Whether you schedule online or speak with one of Guardian's friendly Customer Care Experts, we'll get you scheduled right away! With an emailed and texted confirmation, you will know exactly when we are arriving. We'll give you a call when we are on the way, and you'll even receive a dispatch notification with a picture of your technician. Track your HVAC tech right to your door via GPS.

Your heat pump repair or maintenance can vary in time. An average visit is 1- 1.5 hours. Your system will be tested, and options will be presented to you for approval. We'll do all the dirty work and get your heat pump repaired right away. You'll be left with a warm home and operating heater paired with a 1 year warranty for all performed repairs. We'll follow up with you in a few days to make sure your service was the best in industry. That's Guardian's award winning, 5 star service and why we've been voted as 'The Best HVAC Company in Atlanta' by homeowners just like you. See our live appointment schedule and pick your heat pump repair appointment time below.


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