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A Second Opinion On Your HVAC Replacement Estimate Can Save You Thousands

A Second Opinion On Your HVAC Replacement Estimate Can Save You Thousands

60 Minutes of Your Time With a Guardian Expert Can Save You Thousands of Dollars!

Your HVAC has seen its final days. Your energy bills are high. You have frequent breakdowns each season. It's time for a new HVAC system. Knowing that you have to make a significant purchase can be stressful and frustrating. As a homeowner, it is important that you consider a number of options when making a costly purchase like a new HVAC system. There are many HVAC companies to choose from. While some companies provide top quality service, others use the customer's sense of urgent need and take advantage of the situation. Others may use pushy sales tactics that you regret later, after the sticker shock fades. Always consider getting a second opinion for your HVAC replacement estimate.

Why is a Second HVAC Replacement Estimate Important?

Not all HVAC companies are made the same. Smaller, one man operations may provide a better price but there is more risk. The company may not be able to uphold their labor warranty or be able to service you when you need them most. Their training may not be as thorough. Lesser manpower may mean longer wait times for service. The greatest benefit to these smaller operations is that the company owner is much more active in the day to day activities. If you're looking for a local and hands on feel, then a smaller company may be right for you. Be aware, every company regardless of size, should show licensure, be bonded and insured.

Larger operations may have all the bells and whistles and fancy sales training, but also have much higher operating costs. You may find comfort in their large teams and lower "in the door offers," but remember the large company overhead may be relayed in the repair and replacement pricing. Also do not discount the importance of who runs the company. Many large home service companies are in fact regional or national companies/chains. You may find all the benefits in a modestly sized company that of which a larger company has: 24 hr service, fully stocked trucks, manpower to service you and positive reviews, but with the accessibility of a local and invested owner. It's always good to do your research.

Signs that you Should Get A Second Opinion

Your Needs are NOT Being Heard

Your immediate concerns need to be heard and understood by the HVAC company you hire, whether it be an HVAC repair or replacement. Of course you contacted a HVAC company because you are not the expert, but you do have concerns and know how your system performs in your home. If you feel dismissed or treated as if your insight is not valued, considering another company for your HVAC needs may be a better option. Remember that you are the customer and have every right to ask questions and for an explanation of charges.

High Pressure Sales - Bullying Tactics

Are you feeling like you are buying an HVAC system from a used car salesman? Does your salesman have an answer for everything and is impersonal? Is every benefit of the company displayed and they request you to make a decision right now? You request time to speak with your spouse and are met with disagreements and rebuttals. Or maybe they can't guarantee the price for long, or the offer will be ending soon. Remember, you are most likely in a situation where you are desperate for heat or air conditioning.

Don't allow anyone to prey upon your immediate need. The sales person is a direct representation of the company's training and ethics. If you are met with red flags or just don't feel comfortable, make sure you get a second opinion. Maybe you are feeling overpromised - you most likely are. If you are feeling pressured or even demeaned, be weary. It never hurts to gain another perspective in a second opinion.

Extreme Pricing - Sticker Shock

Your HVAC system is the largest mechanical investment in your home. Make sure you get like comparisons if your estimate seems abnormally high. Same goes for an abnormally low price. Don't be fooled by low priced ads or too good to be true offers. Trust your instincts. Your peace of mind is important, especially when spending a great deal of money on a replacement system. Compare apples to apples and request quotes from good quality companies. This is crucial achieving a quality installation and recommendation.

The Guardian Experts Replacement Estimate Process - 60 Minutes can save you Thousands of Dollars!

  1. Before you sign on the dotted line with another company, contact the experts at Guardian to take a second look at the recommendations and costs. Call 770-727-1888
  2. We will have one of our licensed HVAC experts come out to your home at a convenient time for your schedule. Why a licensed expert? Because we know that a trained salesperson who has never repaired or installed a system, cannot provide you with anything more than a great sales pitch.
  3. The technician will inspect your system and the HVAC configuration in your home.
  4. He will listen to your wants and needs, presenting you with options. He will explain the benefits of each of your options and allow plenty of time for you to ask questions. You would be surprised how many times our highly trained technicians find your system simply needs to be repaired.
  5. When you are ready, we are happy to save your day with our expert service, no pushy salesman included! Take your time and make a strong educated choice!

At Guardian, our goal is not to install your system and that be the end of our job. We enjoy seeing our customers each season and hearing about how comfortable they feel! Always get at least 2-3 reliable HVAC estimates. You have the right to be the Goldilocks of HVAC replacement. Make sure the company you choose fits you just right! To schedule a Free In Home HVAC Replacement Estimate contact Guardian at 770-727-1888 or schedule online!


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