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Guardian Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical has over 20 years experience serving customers AC service, repair and installation. When your AC breaks down, you need a team of experts you can trust will take care of the repair quickly and correctly.

A family owned and local company, our focus is on the customer by providing you with a team of HVAC technicians that have the know how and training to repair any make and model of AC. Getting your AC running and you comfortable is our priority. We are so confident that you’ll be happy with our AC services that we guarantee your satisfaction 100%!


Troubleshoot Your AC Repair

  • Check out your thermostat- Is it functioning and set to cool? Change out your batteries to make sure they are not dead. Don’t waste a service call fee for a few dead batteries. I
  • Change your Filter- If you find a dirty air filter, this can limit air flow. This chore is an “out of sight out of mind” item on your To Do list, that can often times become overlooked. Reduced air flow can put additional strain on your blower motor.
  • Do you have a tripped breaker? Try to reset the breaker by flipping it on and off. This simple act may be the cause of your AC not functioning.
  • Do you see Ice on your AC unit? You may see ice forming on your lines outside our on the condenser. This may mean you have a refrigerant leak that needs to be repaired right away.
  • Listen! Do you hear any odd sounds coming from your HVAC components? Screeching, wheezing, whizzing, banking or clanging are not normal sounds. Call Guardian right away if you hear anything out of the ordinary.

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Most homeowners do not prepare for replacing their HVAC system. The costs can be overwhelming when unexpected. For this reason, we send only qualified and licensed technicians to your home to make attempts to repair your system first. Our experts will provide you a number of options. If your system is just beyond repair or the costs of repair or too high to make sense, we’ll make sure to provide you with a competitive replacement estimate.

At Guardian, we don’t just send trained salesmen to push you into a new system.  We provide you with a licensed technician who understands how your AC system functions, and what it takes to make it work. We understand how great of an investment is and we’ll make sure to work within your budget and needs by providing you with rebates, financing options, cash incentives and competitive pricing. Your comfort is our priority. Our goal is to stay your home service provider for years to come by always providing you with honest and reasonable AC repair and replacement options. Feel confident that our team of experts will stand by your needs… no “install and run”  attitude here!

Read our “Repair or Replace Guide” here. 

How to prevent unexpected Break Downs

The best way to keep from having unexpected breakdowns in the middle of the Atlanta summer is to perform preventative maintenance. The most common reasons for AC repair could have been prevented by routine maintenance. With a seasonal inspection, your technician will check for loose electrical components, verify the charge on your system, change your air filter, and make sure that your thermostat is programmed correctly. Along with 20 other inspection items, your system will be tuned up and running at manufacturer settings when the appointment is complete. Any items that are of concern will be repaired, and will not be cause for concern when the hot summer heat hits.

Want to have a priority Appointment?

Make sure to join our Shield Protection Plan. You’ll receive priority scheduling, discounted repairs, and the benefits of having pre scheduled tune up visits. The cost savings and priority scheduling are great benefits when your AC stops working.  Prevent repairs or address immediate concerns before your system breaks down. Learn more about how to join our preventative maintenance service plan here.

How to choose the right company for your AC Repair:

When you are faced with a HVAC repair or replacement, finding a company that you can trust is important. At Guardian, we understand that you look to us as the expert. For this reason we hire only the best and brightest licensed technicians to provide you with the right answers to your needs.

How do we do this? We listen to your needs and wants and use our expertise to provide you with fast, reliable, and cost effective solutions. Whether you need your AC repaired or replaced, our technical team is ready to answer all of your questions and provide you all the information you need to make the best choice for your family, budget and comfort.

Some things to pay attention for when choosing your HVAC company is:

  • Experience- What is the experience level of the owner and the employees? There is something to be said for a business that has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the right solutions. A company that is licensed, bonded and insured is important to protecting you and your home. While competitive pricing is important, be weary of companies that offer a low low price.
  • Reliability is important. Is this company going to be there for you when you need them most? There are companies that install your system or provide quick repairs, but when the time comes that you need them for a follow up visit, they are hard to get a hold of. Some even consider you low priority and provide you an appointment months out. Make sure that the company you choose considers you a priority. While mid summer heat can fill up a schedule quickly with repair appointments, make sure that you feel appreciated by your company of choice!
  • What are the company guarantees? At Guardian, your satisfaction is always guaranteed – 100%! That means we do all we can to make sure you are 100% happy with our service and your experience. We want lifetime customers from each interaction, not just a “done and run” scenario.
  • How about those reviews? The quality of reviews makes a difference. Sometimes quantity is great, but remember the best reviews are the ones that provide you with a good explanation of what to expect. This goes for good and bad reviews. While every company may be faced with disgruntled customers who never update their review with positive outcomes, if you notice a trend in negative reviews you may find yourself in that position as well. Always do your research- it can save you time and money.


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Had a wonderful first experience using Guardian for our electrical needs! It’s nice to know there are still good, honest companies out there that are committed to their customer’s needs without charging a fortune. Will most definitely be using again!

– Doug A.

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HVAC Checklist

If you suspect that you have an issue with you HVAC, we recommend that you call us today. Here is a checklist of symptoms to look for.

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  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff– A job well done is only as good as the training and experience of our expert HVAC technicians. We hire and train the best to make sure you are only getting the best.
  • Flat Rate, Up Front, Fair Pricing– There are never any surprises when the Guardian experts are at your home. We offer flat rate pricing which means you know what your AC repair will cost before we do the work without any surprise adjustments.
  • 20+ Years of Experience – Your HVAC system is one of the largest investments in your home. Having the knowledge and skill set to repair your AC is crucial when running into problems like a frozen AC or warm air coming from your vents.
  • Stress Free Repairs– We understand that having an emergency AC repair can be stressful. Our team of experts are not trained to push you into buying products and services you don’t need. No pushy and untrustworthy salesmen here. We focus on informing each customer of the options available and making accurate recommendations.
  • Priority #1 – Our Customers – “Saving the Day with Expert Service,” is what we do. Making sure we always provide work with the highest skill and integrity, is how we do it. We know that not all homeowners are experts in all things HVAC. You need a company that has your best interests at hand. Our focus is creating relationships with customers for years to come and not the single job we may perform for you today. We’re not just your emergency HVAC repair team, we’re your home experts for years to come.

Common AC Problems

Leave the repairs to us! If you notice any of these problems, you may be in need of one of our HVAC technicians to diagnose and evaluate your HVAC unit to prevent a potential breakdown mid-summer.

  • Frozen Outdoor Unit – ice around your outdoor unit and lines
  • Hot Spots in your home
  • AC blowing warm air
  • No air blowing from your vents
  • Your AC system is making noises
  • Your Utility Costs have increased
  • It takes a long time to cool your home
  • Flickering and Dimming lights when your AC unit Cycles on
  • Your AC unit is running constantly

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