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HVAC Maintenance Program Benefits

The benefits of a HVAC maintenance program measure well beyond the cost. Each season when you fire up the furnace or air conditioner, knowing that you will have season long comfort is a relief. To assure this, routine seasonal HVAC maintenance is key! Not to mention, affordable and lowered utility costs with a properly maintained system and minimal investment.

Why HVAC Preventative Makes a Difference

Simply put, routine maintenance on your heating and air system helps diagnose, isolate, and prevent premature breakdowns. Picture this, you are driving on the highway and your car begins to sputter leaving you with a stalled engine. As you sit on the shoulder waiting for a tow, you remember you haven't had an oil change in years! Ooops! You can expect costly repairs and potential damage to multiple parts of your vehicle from the lack of a routine oil change.

A tune up checks the major components of your system for wear and tear preventing major malfunctions from arising. Often times, we find corrosion or loose and deteriorating bits that just need a little maintenance or replacement. Your mechanical components may be functioning poorly. When checked with our meters and gauges, we are able to isolate weakened capacitors or safety switches that are not operating. Often, homeowners wait until the middle of usage season or for a breakdown to repair or maintain their systems. With a little preparedness, isolating key malfunction points allows your system to run without any hick-ups all season long! Plus, prevents those costly major breakdowns that can effect potentially multiple components of your HVAC.

Can I really Save on Utility Costs by Performing a Tune Up?

Yes! An efficient systems costs less to heat and cool your home. With proper and routine maintenance, your utility costs can be reduced by up to 15-30%!

Imagine for a moment a simple circulating room fan. Now place a piece of plastic or heavy cloth in front of it. Will the air flow be reduced? Yes! A dirty air filter acts the same way by restricting your air flow into your home. Weakened components cause your system to run longer, increasing your energy costs. The small investment you make in yearly maintenance is well worth the benefits of increased energy efficiency.

What about my Air Quality?

If you haven't properly performed routine maintenance on your heating and air system, you most certainly have excessive dust and pollutants in your HVAC system. The moist Atlanta air can promote bacterial growth that can accumulate on your air filters and ducts. You can effectively minimize the growth and build up of grime by routinely having your system checked, cleaned and your air filter replaced. This all comes along with a preventative heating and air tune up!

Consider one of many indoor air quality accessories that combat the growth of bacterials, dander, dust and spores! Again, a small investment can lead to dramatic improvements to the air you breath.

Guardian Provides You Options

Guardian offers a number of HVAC system tune up customers. As a homeowner you certainly can have an expert out with a one time tune up offer. Currently, we are offering a seasonal tune up for $57 that includes a 25 point inspection of your heating or cooling system.

Perhaps the most beneficial program is our Shield Protection Plan HVAC Protection Plan. It offers twice yearly HVAC maintenance visits. repair discounts, new system installation discounts, priority scheduling and more! See the benefits below:

Schedule your HVAC Preventative Maintenance today. Whether it be a single tune up or joining Guardian's Shield Protection Plan, the benefits are great! Schedule Today!


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