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How Backflow Prevention Works

How Backflow Prevention Works

Among the many challenges modern plumbing systems face, backflow is a potential threat, capable of contaminating our clean water with hazardous substances. That's why every water pump-style system requires a backflow prevention device - especially for fire sprinklers and suppression systems. These devices guarantee that no water flows back in the expected flow direction, ensuring that no chemicals, pollutants, or debris enter a clean water supply.

As a result, every business and industrial structure and multi-family residential building must have a backflow protection system. On the other hand, single-family homes are often exempt from this requirement.

However, you may discover that one of these backflow preventers is installed on your property.

But why are there backflow protection devices? What are they for, and why do you require them?

What Does "Backflow" Mean? Why Do We Need to Prevent It?

When we think about water flow, whether in the home, a sprinkler system, an irrigation system, or plumbing, we should remember that liquid from the water main should only travel to the property.

Backflow occurs when water pressure drops and contaminated water flows back onto the property. A backflow preventer device ensures water flows in one direction to prevent contamination.

Aside from protecting your and your family's health, installing a backflow valve can prevent damaged pipes caused by foreign substances running through them. Damaged tubes and tainted water can cause extensive water line repairs, leaving your home without safe water for several days.

How Does a Backflow Prevention DeviceWork?

Backflow preventers are widespread in commercial settings but can also be placed in some houses. If you have a sprinkler system connecting to the drinking water supply, install a backflow preventer in your home.

These prevention devices are critical for ensuring the public water supply's safety by preventing water pollution from a customer's plumbing system.

A backflow preventer valve is a perfect solution to prevent water from flowing backward in the main water supply lines. This mechanical valve ensures that water can only flow in one direction, from the city's public water supply to the customer's plumbing system, giving you peace of mind that the water supply is always safe and secure.

These devices have two one-way valves known as "check valves" that allow water to flow in one direction. This redundancy means that if one check valve fails, the other will protect the water supply and produce a more reliable seal, preventing minor backflow leaks. A backflow preventer's check valves function separately, with a differential pressure-relief valve connecting them, allowing the closure of one valve to lessen the pressure differential across the other.

In a fire protection system, check valves are fitted in various locations to prevent water from backing into the supply line. However, it is crucial to emphasize that check valves alone are insufficient to safeguard water supply lines against pollution.

Do You Need a Backflow Prevention Device?

If you've noticed any changes in your water quality, call a plumber to inspect your system. Installing backflow protection devices is critical to ensure the safety of your drinking, cooking, and cleaning water. Don't risk compromising your water quality - get the necessary protection installed.

First, you'll need to do backflow testing that is now governed by municipal plumbing codes and is typically needed annually; however, it may be required more regularly in some jurisdictions.

Backflow prevention tests take about 15 minutes and must be done in controlled conditions. The device should be repaired or replaced immediately if there are any leaks. Certified fire safety experts should handle the installation and testing to prevent premature failure and avoid harm to the assemblies.

If your home's plumbing is older, you will likely have no backflow protection systems installed.

How Can Guardian Home Experts Help with Your Backflow Problems?

Understanding how backflow preventer function and why they are crucial in a home or company helps property owners avoid preventable mishaps while meeting local code requirements.

If your system requires a backflow preventer or you're looking for backflow testing near me, we have everything to keep your water backflow prevention device updated at Guardian Home Experts.

We will be with you every step, from installation to routine testing, to ensure your home's drinking water is pure and contaminant-free. Our skilled technicians understand how critical it is to keep your house secure. Contact us today for more information on our services and to get started.


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