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Plumbing Tips to Keep Your Holidays Jolly

Ah, Thanksgiving—a time for family, feasts, and funny Uncle Bob's unforgettable dance moves. While we prepare to indulge in turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, it's easy to forget about the unsung hero of the holiday season: our plumbing. To keep your home from turning into a plumbing disaster zone and to avoid the need for emergency plumbing repairs (because nobody wants a plumbing emergency during the holidays!), here are some light-hearted and humorous tips to keep the water flowing smoothly.

1. "Stuff the Turkey, Not the Garbage Disposal":

  • While you're busy stuffing the turkey, resist the urge to stuff everything else down the garbage disposal. Avoid sending potato peels, grease, and Uncle Bob's corny jokes down the drain. A clogged garbage disposal is not the kind of holiday surprise anyone wants!

2. "Don't Let Your Pipes Freeze Like Frosty":

  • Just like Frosty the Snowman, pipes don't enjoy the cold. Keep your pipes warm by opening cabinet doors to allow heat in. If your pipes start singing "Let It Go," you might be in for a frozen pipes fiasco!

3. "Turn the Faucet, Not the Drama":

  • A dripping faucet is like the annoying cousin who won't stop talking. Fix those leaks before they become full-blown monologues. Not only will you save water, but you'll also prevent an impromptu stand-up routine from your faucets.

4. "Plunge Into Success, Not Clogs":

  • The only plunging you should be doing is into a pile of mashed potatoes, not into a clogged toilet. Remind your guests that the toilet is not a wishing well—only flush the three Ps: pee, paper, and, um, the third P (hint: it rhymes with sit).

5. "Shower Singing, Not Flooding":

  • Singing in the shower is encouraged, but singing in a flood zone is not. Keep hair and soap scum from turning your shower into a waterpark. Invest in a drain catcher, and save the aquatic performances for the bathtub, not the living room.

6. "Turkey in the Oven, Not the Drains":

  • Remember, the only thing that should be in the oven is the turkey, not bits and bobs of your culinary masterpiece. Dispose of cooking grease properly—pour it into a container, not the sink. A clogged kitchen drain is the last thing you want when you're ready to feast!

7. "Wrap Gifts, Not Pipes":

  • While you're wrapping gifts for your loved ones, don't forget to wrap some warmth around your pipes too. Insulate exposed pipes to prevent them from turning into icicles. Nobody wants a holiday surprise in the form of a burst pipe!

This Thanksgiving and holiday season, let the only plumbing drama be the heated debates around the dinner table, not a plumbing emergency. By following these light-hearted tips, you'll keep your home in top-notch shape, your guests entertained, and Uncle Bob's dance moves as the main event. Cheers to a clog-free and laughter-filled holiday season! If you have a plumbing emergency, contact the licensed plumbing team at Guardian!


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