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Customer Service the Way It Should Be

Customer Service the Way It Should Be

There is a revolution in the Home Services industry and it's called Customer Service! Many companies say they provide it, some try to give it….

at Guardian Heating Air Plumbing & Electrical… we Live It!

HVAC customer service the way it should be! Our main goal is to leave each and every customer overly satisfied with our teams and using our services for the lifetime of their home ownership! Meeting your expectations is not an option for us. With Guardian experts serving your, exceeding your expectations is always our standard.

hvac service atlanta Years ago, the expectation for a plumber, heating & air, or electrical professionals was low. As standards and expectations have increased for all walks of the service industry, many home service companies have followed suit. Your local licensed HVAC technician should be highly trained, certified, licensed, bonded and insured.

Remember, not all companies are alike. Some are smaller with minimal training and resources. While others are large conglomerates with all the bells and whistles, but lack in the personal touch. You should feel catered to and cared for. Your concerns should be met. Lastly, you should feel safe, trusting and comfortable with the company you hire. Choosing the right company to care for the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home is important.

What does customer service mean to us?

We Understand Your Needs and We Care

Superior customer service means that we are truly empathetic to your concerns. We listen from the first call to what your needs are. Whether you have a newborn or will be hosting guests, needing ac or plumbing repair can inconvenience you. Finding time for a repair appointment takes time out of your busy schedule. Not having air conditioning in the heat of the summer, or having a plumbing leak can ruin your plans while you search for a repair company. Empathy is important and we care about your day. We say that we "save the day with expert service," and this starts first with understanding and care.

Your Time is Important - Our Scheduling and Notifications are Easy!

We do our very best to be timely and urgent. Respect for your time is something we value. Lives are busier and more complicated now days than ever. You may be running the kids to and from soccer practice, or other activities. Your work days may be varied or long. We understand that every moment away from your normal schedule can create a stressful situation. That's why we offer easy scheduling and convenient 1 hour notification prior to service! Go about your day as you would, and we'll make sure to contact you prior to our arrival.

You Have a Budget - We're Mindful of that!

Guardian cares that you have a budget. We understand that home repairs are a burden and often homeowners are unprepared for the excessive costs. Our "no pushy sales" approach allows you to review the options and make a choice best for you budget and family. We don't prey upon your urgent need or panic, when an unexpected breakdown occurs. Our sales team is trained to listen and provide reasonable options for your situation and budget. NOT, how to push you to close the deal, even when you don't feel comfortable. We have integrity in all we do.. no pushy salesman or manipulation.

Your Comfort is Catered - No Cookie Cutter Recommendations

Your comfort is important. At one time HVAC systems were a luxury. Now days, air conditioning is a necessity during the hot Georgia summers. With every home being a different layout, it is important that we cater our recommendations to your comfort and home design. You will not receive any "cookie cutter" recommendations with our services.

We evaluate your home, listen to your concerns, and consider your wants in comfort and budget. There is no "standard special that everyone gets." Do you have hot spots in your home. Let us know! You find that one area of your home feels more humid? We want to hear about it? Have plans to finish your basement and need suggestions? We can help you.

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Expert Service- Expert Delivery

Our recommendations are only as good as the team providing you service in the home. We specifically hire and train our teams to have the qualities necessary for the highest customer service experience. Empathy, problem solving, integrity, expertise, caring… just a few of the traits we value in our teams. With top notch service and installation teams, your experience will always be 5 star!


You are paying for a service and we hold ourselves accountable to delivering that service and more! That's why we guarantee our work and provide you with labor warranties. If something does go wrong with our repair or installation, it's our duty to fix it. We've had a number of customers move their services to Guardian because their previous company didn't stand behind their work. The company you hire should prioritize existing customers first before focusing on new ones. The sense of urgency must be high.

No "fix, collect payment, and run" tactics with our team.

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The wants of a customer are easy to understand. Great service, at a reasonable price; delivered with know how, integrity and accountability. At Guardian Heating, Air Plumbing and Electrical, serving our customer is top priority. We believe in what we do. Many companies say they provide great customer service. Others try to give you great customer service. At Guardian, we Live Great Customer Service!

Whether you need HVAC repair in Marietta, plumbing repair in Acworth, or need a new HVAC replacement in Woodstock; the experts at Guardian are always ready to help you with your home service needs. Schedule online and receive 10% off of your repair or contact us at 770-727-1888.


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