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Designing Your HVAC When Finishing Your Basement

Designing Your HVAC When Finishing Your Basement

Do you have the daunting task of designing your HVAC when finishing your basement? As if the undertaking of planning your basement space is not enough, assuring your HVAC is designed properly is key! There are many misconceptions that homeowners have as to how to temperature control this new living space. Let's dive into some common myths and learn about the best practices for cooling and heating your new man/woman cave!

MYTH #1- I Can Just Tap In to My Main Living Space Heating & Air Systems

Most often the answer to this is NO! Your main level systems are already rated to heat and cool the square footage of space it was designed for. If you are not a heating and air contractor with the "know how" to calculate the air flow required, do not make a quick decision and pull additional ducts off of your main system.

If you are lucky, your current system may handle the additional square footage you are attempting to heat or cool. However, more often than not, this is not the case. Remember, when you pull air from one area to heat and cool another, less air will flow to the original parts of home. Your comfort and humidity control will be reduced.

MYTH #2 - I Can Choose a Small Sized Unit Because I Won't Be Using the Basement That Much

The goal of installing a new heating and air system in your basement is to properly control the temperature AND humidity of the space. The last thing you want to create is a damp and musty finished space. An attempt to save money by undersizing equipment for the space will provide you with a finished basement that is not comfortable.

Trusting your Heating and Air contractor is important. As experts in this field, our team will review not only the square footage, but also the location of walls, vents, thermostat, windows, exit points etc… to provide you with a properly sized system. If your space calls for a 2.5 ton unit, requesting a smaller one will cause increased utility costs and reduced comfort. You won't be happy.

MYTH #3 - I Can Wing Where the Vents and Returns are Placed

No. Not the Case. As you design out your space…. game room, workout room, sauna, theater room and so forth, planning your returns and vents is important. We've heard of customers just assuming they need a "few vents here and a few vents there." Unfortunately how we spread the air throughout your space is more complicated than divvying up vents and returns. Thermostat placement is important as well! Let the experts review your designs. The last thing that you want as a homeowner is a basement that is too cold and drafty or feels damp.

MYTH #4- Ductless Systems are Better Than Traditional

The type of systems our Guardian System Design Experts suggest are fully dependent upon what your needs and wants are. Some customers prefer to have customized temperature in each room. A ductless system with multiple heads may be an option for this situation. Other customers prefer a traditional system that distributes vents and returns throughout the space.

Which is better? That is up to you. A Guardian System Design Expert will go through the pro's and con's of each type of system, the costs, the comfort control and so forth. You decide! Essentially, each system offers heating, cooling and humidity control. The costs may vary and benefits of one may outweigh the benefits of the other system. Bottom line.. both are good options.

Guardian Offers Basement Finishing HVAC Design

The System Design Experts from Guardian are seasoned pro's when it comes to basement build outs, 3 season room design and additions. Our team will provide you with a detailed estimate by starting off with discussing what your wants and needs are out of your new space. Forget the contractors who come in and just throw out equipment and numbers. We help you design your space from an HVAC perspective. Planning on putting a couch on a certain wall? We'll make sure you aren't blasted with cool air or heat while sitting on that couch. We focus on the details of your completed project, not just the job at hand. Experience the difference with these steps:

1st- We discuss your optimal timeline or contractors.

2nd- We review your plans, or draw a rough mock up and discuss furniture and room layout.

3rd- We discuss the various options of heating and cooling equipment. By providing you with pro's and con's as well as discussing what you need from the equipment, we are able to provide you with options.

4th- We price out the equipment and installation leaving you with an estimate you'll be happy with.

5th- Installation day is scheduled. you can expect 2 visit.

6th- Rough in installation occurs where we set the ducts, lines, electrical and get the basement ready for you to move forward with drywall and finishing.

7th- Start up and completion are scheduled where we set the equipment, thermostat, vents and returns. We triple check the system, perform the appropriate steps in starting the equipment up and test it for proper functioning.

Schedule your Free In Home Estimate for your basement finish in Acworth, Marietta, and surround. See the difference a 5 star rated company makes in your basement design. Your comfort is our priority at a price that will keep you in budget for your basement project!


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