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Freon Leak? What You Need To Know About the R22 Phase Out

Freon Leak? What You Need To Know About the R22 Phase Out

Have a freon leak? You may have heard that the US Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that R22 refrigerant (also known as freon), is being phased out due to its harmful effects on the ozone layer. The R22 phase out began years ago and supplies of the refrigerant has decreased each year. As of January 1, 2020, R22 refrigerant will become illegal to manufacture or import into the USA.

Have you been limping along with your current system that uses R22 refrigerant? Maybe you have a freon leak and call your HVAC technician each summer for a refill. As a home owner you do have a number of options. What makes the most sense for your comfort, home and budget?

Do Nothing and Wait for Your System to Break DownR22 phase out

Your system is aging and will at some point need service. If prior to January 2020 you find yourself in a situation that you need to call out your local HVAC pro for a freon leak, you still have the opportunity to repair the current system. You may also have the option to replace your AC at that time and be worry free about the R22 phase out. Consider the cost of repair vs. the replacement cost and decide what the best option is for you. One thing is certain, if you need a new HVAC system, make sure that you obtain a number of replacement estimates and choose the right company for you! Keep in mind, as the time comes closer to 2020, you will not be the only homeowner in this situation. You may find yourself in the middle of peak AC season needing assistance and without AC for a short while. Plan ahead!

Be Proactive! Replace Your System Ahead of Time

Once peak cooling season comes, HVAC contractors will be busy and wait times may be long for service. You don't want to put yourself into a situation where you feel pressured to make a quick decision due to the heat and discomfort in your home. Research and obtain estimates prior to the busy season and you can find yourself with the best replacement deals. Search for low interest rates or rebates on HVAC replacements. Research your contractor and spend time asking questions. Many HVAC companies, in the heat of the summer, count on your sense of urgency and discomfort and are not willing to negotiate and increase their pricing due to the sheer demand of the season.

Freon leak -refill with R22 Retrofit Your Current System for New Refrigerant Options

While this is not the most ideal option for homeowners, your budget may restrict you from considering a new HVAC system. The retrofit kit allows your current system to be utilized with other refrigerants. However, this is still a cost that you can put towards owning a new, highly efficient system. The rest of your system is still original age so you may find that you have other breakdowns that occur due to just the age of your equipment. Weighing the repair, retrofit or replacement costs and benefit options is the most important thing to saving you money over time. A retrofit option is also not an a possibly for certain HVAC systems. Make sure you contact a licensed HVAC technician to review your system and discuss the possibilities.

Your Time, Money and Comfort Matter!

Remember, your comfort, time and money are valuable. Finding a company that feels the same way is important. Even during the peak of the summer, try to find a company that you feel comfortable with. At Guardian, we value our customers the most. We guarantee your satisfaction and service our customers all over the northwest metro areasL Dallas, Marietta, Woodstock, Alpharetta and Smyrna, Ga. Guardian Heating & Air was built on integrity and honesty. Contact the experts at Guardian today and schedule a Free In Home Replacement Estimate. Schedule online now.


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