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Heating and Air Pricing-What You Need to Know

Heating and Air Pricing-What You Need to Know

There is no doubt that gas prices, food costs, raw goods, and services have seen massive increases. In the past year or two in and around Marietta, Dallas, Alpharetta, and surround, we've seen a shift in the costs of home services. Here's what you need to know as a consumer of the pricing increases and continued trends for 2022.

Is Pricing Going to Increase on Heating and Air Equipment in 2022? heating and air price increases

All manufacturers have announced price increases again for 2022. These price increases include Carrier, Lennox, Ruud, Rheem, Goodman, Daikin and Trane. Announcements have stipulated up to a 13% increase. We are certainly not thrilled about the another round of price increases. In 2021, the industry saw 4 price increases for all equipment totaling close to 30%. Gone are the days of a $4500 full system. We are hearing from many customers… "I paid $5000 for my last system!" We feel your pain! While we would love to absorb all the increases, we are doing our best to minimally impact our customers by taking advantage of financing options, rebates and discounts! Get a free in home estimate now before the prices go up!

Will There Also Be Supply Increases?

Short answer, yes. Raw materials, supply chain issues, and transportation shortages have dramatically impacted supply pricing. We have seen up to a 50% price increase. We are hopeful that the prices will reduce in the future, however it doesn't seem likely any time soon. Instead, we expect to see continued price increases.

What Offers can you Provide to Better Absorb the Increases?

Guardian offers our customers a variety of ways to make the cost of a new system and repairs easier on the wallet. See our specials here.

  • Financing- Guardian offers metro Atlanta customers 0% financing options over a term, based on the purchased equipment. All options have NO prepayment penalties. This allows customers to keep funds in their pocket while borrowing the costs of your equipment at a 0% interest.
  • Rebates- Many manufacturers are offering rebate programs on certain equipment. Generally, you will see a larger rebate on higher efficient equipment. Don't be deceived by advertising stating "up to $3000 rebates." Often times this is tier based on your actual spend and type of equipment purchased.
  • Bonuses- Guardian offers a variety of bonuses to our customers. Such as a schedule/sign now bonus. This allows the company to keep our install experts working during the slower times. We transfer these savings to our customers as a thank you for choosing us.
  • Discounts- We appreciate our customers who have served in the military and continue to serve. Police and fire men and women are also much appreciated and we thank them with discounts. Guardian also offers a discount to senior citizens. Perhaps the greatest discount is transferred to our Shield Protection Plan members. It is worth joining the maintenance plan to received discounts on repairs and new heating and air equipment installations.

Why are There So Many Price Increases?

We have heard the news of cargo ships parked off the coast of California and Florida. We continue to see the demand for truck drivers as labor shortages put a strain on the transportation industry. Most importantly, we have seen a shortage in raw materials. Having to source these materials from secondary sources has caused an increase in pricing strictly due to supply and demand. Price increases have cascaded through the supply chain and unfortunately this ends with higher costs to our consumers. We have seen similar price increases throughout the construction, food, and textile industries.

The heating and air industry has not gone untouched. Here are a few of the raw materials that compile a heating and air system: aluminum, copper, lumber, steel mill products. Also, high demand and lower supply means higher pricing for parts and heating and air equipment. The options for parts have become limited allowing manufacturers to charge a premium for the much needed parts.

Similarly so, costs for refrigerant has also increased. Many refrigerant blends are sourced from China. Tariffs and costs have been imposed on imported goods again causing an increase to the end users.

How Can I Plan for HVAC Breakdowns, Repairs and New Heating and Air Equipment Installations?

The rate of inflation is trending upward with no end in sight, per government statistics. Understanding all of the forces at play can help you plan for potential heater breakdowns and repairs. Most heating and air conditioners last 12-17 years. With routine maintenance, we see systems lasting upwards of 20 years. Routine furnace repair combat price increases smyrna, gamaintenance addresses issues such as capacitors, circuit boards, motors etc.. Does this mean you may not have to repair or replace parts. Simply put NO. You may have recommendations from your heating and air expert. Repairing and replacing deteriorating parts recommended by your pro allows for your system to run at its best! For example, a motor that is straining and grinding can impact the electrical system of your heating and air unit. Replacing as needed, reduces wear and tear on the system and parts in general, allowing your system to last longer and work more efficiently. Routine maintenance means fewer unexpected breakdowns! This is a must do.

Living in Marietta, Dallas, Kennesaw, Acworth and surrounding areas… schedule your heating and air tune up now. See our specials here! This will help you prepare and prevent the unexpected.. PLUS save you money in the long run. You wouldn't expect your car to run well without ever changing the oil.. same applies to routine heating and air maintenance.

I Want to Wait to Replace my Old System… Convince me Now is the Time

Our job is to provide you with options. If your system is ailing and failing, you may want to consider replacement sooner than later. As we mentioned, price increases across the industry will go up 8-13% as of January 1st, 2022. Let's do the math:

Say your new system is $7000. You can expect that to go up by $910 at a 13% increase!! Not enough of a benefit for you? Utility costs are also on the rise as if next year as well. Add the lowered energy costs to your $910 and you can save upwards of $1500 - $2000 if you replace before the new year.

Are you still not excited about these savings? How about the benefit from the comfort you will feel. Lowered humidity, better temperature control, no more hot spots, no more cold spots are all the great benefits when changing to a new heating and air system. Schedule your free in home estimate now!


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