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HVAC Buying Tips

Are you ready for a new system but just need a few HVAC buying tips to guide you in the right direction? This guide will give you the best insight from choosing the best contractor to knowing if the price is a right. With temperatures rising, finding the right company for your new AC Install is necessary to keeping you cool and comfortable.

How Do You Know You Need a New System?

Your HVAC system has seen better days. Like most homeowners, you don't have a "HVAC replacement" savings account. When is the right time to replace your system versus paying for the repair?

  • Your current system is more than 10-12 years old.American Standard HVAC Cost
  • Frequent repairs are necessary to keep your system running.
  • Does your HVAC system turns on and off repeatedly without providing the necessary comfort.
  • You have hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  • Your HVAC system creaks, squeeks, grinds, whines, clangs, or has just become loud.
  • Your utility bills are high.
  • You're planning on selling the home and want to increase value.
  • You're planning on staying in your home and want to increase comfort.

Let's dive into a few of these points.

10-12 Year old HVAC System that Requires Frequent Repairs

Just like with new vehicles and electronics, technology improves at an alarming rate. The same applies to your HVAC system. These HVAC buying tips will break down the numbers for you. Have you heard the saying "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it?" Your HVAC system may be running. However, is it running at the highest efficiency and providing you the best comfort in your home? The energy cost savings of a higher efficient unit may outweigh the price. Let's take a look:

costs of new hvac

Scenario: You buy a new complete system that you will keep for approximately 10 years. With routine preventative HVAC maintenance you can expect:

Monthly Cost savings with New HVAC System Installation (based on average figures)

$50 x 120 months = $6000 energy savings

Add in average repair costs of keeping your old system (let's say you keep your system until it's 15 years of age)

$300 per year x 5 years = $1500 repair savings with new system

Total you will save with a new system: = $7500 !!

Now you factor in the cost of a new system $6800 - $1000 rebates = $5800

You're up $1700!

Can you buy a new higher efficient system that will keep you more comfortable and reduce breakdown worry. YES! Look at this cost savings breakdown. You actually can gain money in the long run, with a new efficient HVAC system.

Your HVAC System Cycles Frequently and You Have Hot Spots in Your Home

Your home may have hot and cool spots throughout. We hear too often that one side of a home is comfortable and the opposite side doesn't reach the set temperature. Another concern we get from homeowners is that their system is constantly cycling on and off. There could be a number of reasons that homeowners find themselves with these problems. With an aging system, you have the option to consider programmable thermostats, variable speed systems, dampers and zoning to perfect your comfort. These options will also help you further reduce your utility costs!

Unknown Sounds Coming from your HVAC

If you are hearing an orchestra of sounds coming from your system, something is most definitely going wrong. Banging, clanging, wheezing, whining, or squeaking can mean a number of things. You may have a failing motor or loose parts inside the system. A HVAC system is not meant to wake you up at night when it cycles. Where the concern comes in is if you have an aging system and the repair cost is high. A $500 cost can easily go towards a new system replacement and paired with the figures above will save you money in the long run.

Selling Your Home?

Real Estate agents will recommend to their buyers to keep a watch on the most expensive components of the home: roof, water heater, HVAC system. Often times, homeowners avoid even looking at homes that have original to home, or 10-15 year old systems. Certainly, buyers are cautious since they'll expect to replace these systems in the early stages of homeownership. If you are considering selling your home, replacing your HVAC system can bring you higher offers and faster results. Smart home buyers prioritize appliance and system replacement costs over cosmetic repairs when making a decision in purchasing a home.

Staying in Your Home?

Do you live in your forever home? There is no time like the present to change out your old and aging HVAC system to a higher efficient unit. For instance, you can expect monthly cost savings, better comfort, improved air flow, even temperatures throughout, and better air quality are all things you can enjoy with a new HVAC system. Why wait?

Is the Price I'm Quoted too High or Low?

It's important to review what the costs are that go into pricing a new HVAC system.

  • Parts (whip, electrical components, shut off, etc.. )
  • HVAC system equipment costs
  • Refrigerant
  • Labor Time
  • Expertise
  • Warranty & Guarantees

HVAC replacement kennesaw GaWhat's Involved in the Costs?

The first 3 costs are self explanatory as payment for parts and equipment are a expected. Moreover, the next 3 many homeowners feel are not worth the price and search for cheaper options. Take it from us. We field countless calls regarding poor installations and service many homes that chose the cheapest route. Often times homeowners find themselves in situations where the installing or repair company just won't respond back.

Labor Time

The company will pay the team to install your system, which will be charged to the homeowner in the overall price. Most often, this is based on the job complexity itself, and not hours worked on the job. Above all, it's important to know that skilled, licensed and properly trained technicians work hard to keep you comfortable and your family safe. They require knowledge of electrical, plumbing, air quality, HVAC, and most importantly are trained to make sure your gas furnace is safe. Make sure the one you hire is experienced in all.


Perhaps, this is the most important of all of the costs you are being charged, and you should pay for having a skilled team install your system. It can take over 200 steps to properly install a system. Most importantly, know that many companies perform some, NOT all, of the necessary steps. In other words, this is guaranteeing future headache for you. Instead, the company may overload their teams with multiple installations each day often times causing sloppy work. Some companies charge the same price yet have inexperienced teams installing the equipment. Guardian focuses on the highest servicing and provides high level teams that take great care in installing your furnace and air conditioner. With the amount of money that these systems cost, make sure to hire a licensed, trained and experienced company. You may pay a little more for a top notch team, but the reward will outweigh the costs of future repairs and headache.

Warranty & Guarantees

A company that stands behind their work and provides workmanship guarantees and a warranty is a company that will take care of you for years to come. Don't just review the manufacturer warranties. These are standard with new equipment purchases from a dealer. (Caution: every legitimate company should provide you with a manufacturer warranty. If the company says it can't warranty the system then do more research to who and what is being installed) Make sure you are getting a labor warranty, even if the cost is slightly higher overall. For instance, if anything goes wrong after your installation, the company stands behind their work for X many years protecting your biggest mechanical investment.

Why Choose Guardian? customer service excellence hvac

At Guardian, we are mindful of our customers' budgets. We look at the BIG picture when making recommendations and providing options. Most importantly, we listen to your needs and wants. As a homeowner, you are the decision maker and Guardian's experts are responsible for making sure you have all the tools needed to make the best choice. We review these HVAC buying tips with our customers and provide a great breakdown of costs for you… obligation free! Notably, you won't find a pushy sales team here! In other words…. we just care about doing the right thing and providing you with expert service.

To sum it up, our team of 5 star experts are ready when you are to provide you with a free in home estimate for a new HVAC system whenever you are ready! Most importantly, scheduling is fast and easy! Click here to get on our schedule.


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