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HVAC Trivia

HVAC Trivia

hvac facts and triviaHVAC Trivia you ask? Who doesn't love fun and entertaining facts? Heating and air solutions for your home are not a new concept. Read on to discover some odd and fun bits of information that may come in handy on your next trivia game night!

How many Homes in the United States have some form of air conditioning?

98%! Next to China, we are at the top of list of homes utilizing heating and cooling options. As affordable heating and cooling solutions are created, more and more homeowners are installing HVAC systems to keep themselves comfortable throughout the seasons.

Since 1960, how much have heat related deaths decreased during the summer months.

80%! While it is tragic to hear of a heat related illness or death, the numbers of incidents have drastically decreased. With the ability to cool themselves, air conditioning has made a huge impact on the health of many.

#1 HVAC Trivia answered incorrectly: What % of the worlds population owns an air conditioner?

8%- No typo there! With most of the world living in remote areas, the luxury of having an air conditioned space is enjoyed by a small percentage of the world.

Who was the first president to have air conditioning in the White House and how much did it cost?Herbert Hoover had first AC intstalled

Herbert Hoover was the first president who stayed cool throughout his presidency. The HVAC system cost a whopping $30,000 to install into the oval office.

How has air conditioning impacted the yearly school calendar?

Years ago, school summer vacation was due in part to the lack of air conditioning available. Even though schools installed HVAC systems to keep the students cool and focused, summer vacation became a luxury just like the air that pumped through the vents and has yet to be removed from most school calendars.

What is the most popular form of heating in the Unites States?

The gas furnace accounts for more than 50% of heated homes in the United States. Electric heat and oil heating is also popular, depending on the region of the country.

What year was the first central air conditioned home built?

1913- In the 'land off 10,000″ lakes, Minnesota!

Does home air conditioning increase or decrease our need for AC?

Increase! With the rise of air conditioning in homes, people have become less tolerant to the high temperatures of today. The cooler you stay, the more you need to stay cool!

At what temperature does our productivity decrease?

95° F is when we start to slow down and our productivity plummets. What did we learn from this? If you are trying to get out of work, turn off the air conditioning.

flaming mountains with fire poleWhat was the hottest recorded temperature on the earth's surface and where was it recorded?

The hottest recorded temperature was measured in the Flaming Mountains of China in 2008. It was a whopping 152.2°F! They measure the temperature on a huge thermometer called the "fire pole."

Who invented the first "furnace"?

The Romans were the first to invent heated floors. They would place slabs of stone over a heat source to warm their home. They also invented a hypocaust which was similar to a furnace that sent heated air through the floors and walls of wealthy homeowners.

You'll never know when you need these HVAC Trivia facts! Maybe your next game night? One thing is certain; we love our heating and air conditioning. When our HVAC breaks down and we need repair, many homeowners can be quite uncomfortable without the added temperature control. What can you do to help keep your system up and running year round? Make sure to get preventative maintenance! The experts at Guardian are always ready to help you with your HVAC repair, installation and maintenance. Schedule your appointment now and be ready for the next season!


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