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Is an AC Tune Up Necessary?

Is an AC Tune Up Necessary?

We are asked by our customers "Is an AC Tune Up Necessary?" The short answer is YES! As the weather in Cobb County and surround warms up, it is easy to get lost in the sunshine and mild weather. Here's why you shouldn't skip out on taking care of the most expensive system in your home:

Ac Tune up Acworth, Ga

  • Add years of life to your HVAC system! Hiring an expert HVAC technician to perform a tune up on your system isequivalent to getting an oil change on your car. The repercussions of skipping a vehicle oil change can be disastrous. The same applies to your HVAC system. And while it doesn't seem as critical to have your HVAC system maintained, a regular AC tune up can add years to your system by catching potential problems.
  • Utility Costs are High- Keep them low with regular HVAC maintenance. The highest drain of electricity in your home is caused by your AC unit. When your condenser is not clean or filters are clogged, it causes your system to work that much harder to cool your home. If the temps are so high that your system is running most of the day to hold your set temperature, think about how much harder it is working to push air through the dirty unit. The longer and harder the system runs, the higher your costs.
  • Your Family's Safety and Comfort is Important- The temps will be in the 90's before you know it. An AC Tune Up makes sure your HVAC system is up to the task of cooling your home and keeping your family comfortable. Plus, reduce the need for costly emergencies mid summer!

What are the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance?

To be honest, having your system maintained is the most cost effective way to keep your system running efficiently for years to come. By bringing your system back to tip top shape, it will run more efficiently and last longer with fewer breakdowns. Routine tune ups are less expensive than costly repairs, and include a thorough inspection of your unit.

An AC tune up can also address smaller problems that can turn into a much larger repair. For example, an AC Tune up will check your drain lines and clear them to assure good water flow. If you skip your tune up and the drain lines get clogged, it can cause damage to sheetrock, corrosion to your system and even promote mold growth. The cost of these repairs is significantly higher than a low cost AC tune up.

How Often Should I have an AC Tune Up?

As a homeowner you should be changing your filters regularly. The recommendation by HVAC experts is to tune up your system before the cooling season and another before turning the heat on. As soon as the springtime temps warm, it is best to call us for your AC tune up. First, your system will be ready for the full blast AC season before it comes. Secondly, you'll have a much easier time getting an appointment suited to your schedule when the temperatures are mild.

AC Tune Up Dallas, Ga checking freon chargeWhat Does an AC Tune Up Include?

There are more moving parts in your HVAC system than any other appliance in your home. The actual steps taken during the process is specific to each company. Some companies use a low price tune up to meet new customers. Others use low price tune ups as an opportunity to turn over customer leads to their sales department by providing aggressive and false repairs.

As a consumer it is hard to find a company that you trust will do the right thing. At Guardian, our main goal is to create long lasting relationships with our customers. Your comfort is our priority! Our AC Tune Up provides our customers with a thorough evaluation of the system, matched with honest suggestions and potential repairs.

Here is a list of what you can expect:

  • Check the Outdoor Refrigerant Lines for damage
  • Inspect the Refrigerant Line insulation
  • Check the Coil in the Outdoor unit
  • Wash off outdoor unit with water
  • Inspect the Indoor Unit Coil for Dirt and Damage
  • Change the Filter and visually inspect the compartment
  • Inspect the Condensate Pump
  • Examine the Blower which pushed the cold air throughout the home
  • Inspect the Air Handler for leaks
  • Check the Capacitors
  • Verify the Safety Disconnect
  • Check all wires and system for rodent and bug damage
  • Check the thermostat calibration and program
  • Access the Refrigerant caps
  • Inspect the fan blades
  • Check the drain lines to assure proper drainage
  • Verify the units are level
  • Measure the AC Unit amp draw
  • Inspect the Reversing Valve
  • Measure the Static Air Pressure
  • Check and Replace thermostat batteries if necessary
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Verify units are not blocked by shrubs or any other vegetation
  • Tighten wire Connections and verify electrical integrity
  • Verify proper installation and wire sizing to units

What is the difference between and AC Tune Up and AC Inspection?

Each HVAC company has their own set of terms for the various types of work completed. Whether the term "AC Tune Up" or "AC Inspection" is used, the most important thing is to make sure you know what you are paying for. Is the company cleaning your full system, or just checking electrical components and changing the filter? Know what you are paying for.

Perhaps the most important aspect of having any company work on your HVAC system is the experience and qualifications of the company. Many consumers focus on cost alone, and often end up finding themselves with repeated costly appointments. Understandably, it is crucial to take a look at the company reputation and reviews.

Does the company have local vested owners who play an active role in the operations? Are the technicians trained and licensed or is the company sending out entry level recent graduates to provide you with a tune up? Unquestionably, it's important to ask these questions when hiring your HVAC company.

Why Us?

Guardian takes great pride in providing 5 star customer service to each and every customer. Integrity, honesty, and affordability is the basis for how we do business. Our goal is not a done and run strategy like we so often see in our line of work. Most importantly, we intend on creating long lasting relationships with our customers where we are able to be your home service experts for the life of your homeā€¦.. and your next home. That's the value of having an owner who invests in the company, employees, and community available to you at all times!

Guardian conveniently offers a Shield Protection Plan to make your HVAC maintenance easy and affordable. Disregard all of the hassle of thinking about your spring "to do's" with our reminder service, priority scheduling and discount on repairs!

To scheduled your AC Tune up in Cartersville, Kennesaw, Canton or the rest of the north metro area, please call 770-727-1888 and talk to one of our customer care experts to choose the best time for you! Or schedule online now!


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