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Mistakes Not to Make When Buying a New HVAC System

Mistakes Not to Make When Buying a New HVAC System

Do you know what mistakes not to make when buying a new HVAC system? Your heating and air system is sucking your energy costs and way past its life time, but navigating the purchase of a new system can feel like buying a new car. Contracts, warranties, upgrades, rebates, add ons and more…. it's easy to get overwhelmed. Every company presents the offerings in their own way with different terminology. Navigating multiple estimates is a daunting task.. or is it? Follow these baseline rules and buying a new HVC system will be a breeze.. literally!

Don't Ignore Efficiency and SEER Level:

Every home owner wants to get a great deal on upgrades to their space. Often times we see the bottom line taking precedence over efficiency and comfort. Don't ignore the repeated cost savings of improved efficiency. While an entry level system's price tag may be appealing, the cost savings from investing in a more efficient unit will pay you back each and every month adding up to more dollars in your wallet over time!

Proper Installation IS Important. Don't settle for a low quality, low cost company:

As a company we see countless new HVAC systems that require repairs and unsafe situations due to poor installation practices. When hiring a company, make sure that you focus on hiring a company that has repeated success and positive installation reviews. You may pay a little extra for the right company on the front end, but hundreds of dollars in repairs shortly after your new system is installed! Take it from the experts, proper installation practices take top spot when choosing a HVAC company.

Don't Just get 1 Estimate!

read the hvac fine printIf you search for HVAC companies in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth and surround, you will find many options. Make sure to get at least 2 estimates. Why? Here's an example of what you might get. Most importantly.. read the reviews of the company before they come out to you! Do your research! Needing a new HVAC system is a big deal! Take the time and do some research.

Company 1 comes out and has all the right information and says all the right things pushing for you to sign on the dotted line and install fast. They trained their sales people well to appeal to your every objection and question. Wow.. this is too good to be true and you go ahead and schedule!

#2 comes out and provides you detailed information, thorough analysis and a much better price than Company 1. Company 2 also noticed a few concerns because they took the time to review your full system and wants you to make an educated choice not resorting to car salesman tactics. Company 2 doesn't focus on just this one transaction, but on the lifetime relationship with you as a customer.

# 3 pulls up in an unmarked vehicle, no HVAC license is visible and provides you with a low low cost estimate. The paper proposal is sloppy and isn't itemized. They also don't offer you detailed warranty information. You have to navigate equipment registration to extend your warranty yourself. But the cost is low right? Where are these companies cutting on their installation practices to make up for on their profit? Remember you get what you pay for. We see this time and time again!

There are 3 types of companies in metro Atlanta.

1) Corporate owned companies that focus on aggressive sales training, capitalizing on your immediate need, fancy marketing, and assuring their high overhead is paid for which translates into your cost. These companies may have great offerings at first, but follow through and fine print may change your mind about how well you will be serviced over time.

2) Family owned and locally operated companies who are invested in their reputation and taking care of customer. The owners are on site and readily available if you have concerns or questions. Your happiness is important to these companies!

3) Small single man operations who have lower pricing but their expertise/warranties/availability may be lacking. Many small operations pop up, install, and if you have a problem with their work, you will never be able to reach them again or you are pushed off over and over again. Often times these companies close within a year or two which voids any labor warranty you had.

Take Advantage of 0% Financing Opportunities

hvac 0% financingThere are many companies offering 0% for X months when buying a new HVAC system. Even if you have the money in the bank, 0% opportunities allow you to grow your personal cash. Just make sure that you pay off the total prior to the deadline not to be hit with those interest costs. In today's uncertain times, financing allows you to keep your capital for the unknown with no consequence unless the terms are not followed! Plus the credit strengthening benefits are great too! On the contrary, remember that when financing even an HVAC system, your credit will be pulled and the total amount will show on your credit availability.

Don't Forget your Maintenance

When buying a new system every company will offer you a labor warranty. The length of the warranties may vary however, most often each reputable company will require you to maintain your system in order to warranty their work. Not changing the filter and having your system checked seasonally can cause problems, that the company will not pay for. Think of it this way…. you buy a new car with a nice warranty yet never ever change the oil. Of course you'll have necessary repairs caused by lack of maintenance. The car company can and will void your warranty for neglect.

If you're financing, you can even consider rolling your maintenance costs into your up front cost. This keeps you covered for the warranty period AND locks you in for the current day pricing!

Read the Fine Print!

There is a new trend in metro Atlanta that involves leasing your new system. Make sure that when you are presented with this type of estimate you read the fine print. Do the math too! While repairs and maintenance are included, the cost over time with fees can cost double what you would pay to OWN a system. Also, when the company says it's time for a new system. You must comply and purchase new. You have limited choice. Lease options may work great for some scenarios, however most often you are bound to the company, payment, contract and system. Selling your home? Your potential buyer must now take on those payments. Not very appealing for a potential buyer. Make sure to read the fine print and ask questions regarding payments, financing and warranties always. Any company that won't put the information on paper, or avoids the topic is not looking out for your best interest. Learn more about leasing vs. buying a system here.

Compare Apples to Apples

Make sure to understand the difference between the systems you are being quoted. Variable Speed, Duel Fuel, Heat Pump, Furnace, Seer Level, etc.. each system has different features. While 1 estimate may be higher, is the lower estimate quoting you the same features? What about the installation and materials? Is the lower quote replacing or re-using components? These little factors are crucial in understanding and comparing estimates. Not to mention the different models of equipment which can also be confusing. All to often we come to customer homes and are presented with other company estimates for products totally different than what the customer was told!

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