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My Electric Bill Is High During AC Season!

My Electric Bill Is High During AC Season!

Each summer Atlanta homeowners dread receiving their power bill. An increase in power usage is inevitable during AC season, seeing as your HVAC system is one of the most power consuming pieces of equipment in your home. But how much of an increase is too much? What can you do as a homeowner to maximize the efficiency of your system? Your electric bill is high and we've got the tips you need to lower it!

A little HVAC preparedness can go a long way in lowering your summer power bills. With these tips and tricks of the HVAC trade, you'll be seeing lowered power bills and staying cool! First and foremost, know your energy usage through the various seasons. Having a good idea of what constitutes as a dramatically increased power bill is important in evaluating if there is a larger problem at hand.

What you can do to Increase your Comfort and Decrease Your Costs:

  • Ceiling Fans- using your ceiling fans to circulate air in your home can give you that cool feeling even though your thermostat is set at the same temp.
  • Lower Your Thermostat- even a 1-2 degree temperature increase can lower your power bill. Pair this with the use of your ceiling fans and you'll still feel cool while saving money!
  • Install Blinds or Keep them closed- When the hot sun is beating down on your home, the temperature inside your home can increase dramatically. Especially if your blinds are open. Make sure to keep your blinds closed during the peak sun hours.
  • Change your Air Filter Regularly- Follow proper maintenance protocols to keep the air flowing easily through your Change your HVAC air filter to lower your energy costssystem. Any blockages or restrictions of air flow will cause your system to work that much harder to send air throughout your home.

These tips may not cut your bill in half, but you should see some improvement in your comfort and utility spend. Perhaps, the most dramatic of changes if you electric bill is high, can happen with the help from an HVAC expert!

How an Expert HVAC Technician Can Help You Lower Your Energy Costs:

  • Perform Seasonal Preventative Maintenance- You wouldn't skip the required maintenance on your car like an oil change. The same applies for your HVAC system! Seasonal maintenance is the best way to make sure your system is running at its peak efficiency. Maintenance also prevents any unnecessary breakdowns from occurring mid season. Your Guardian HVAC Expert will make sure that your system is clean, efficient, and running at top performance. While also assisting in lowering your utility costs.
  • Programmable Thermostat- If you haven't done so yet, make the switch to a programmable thermostat. There are a variety of options that your Guardian HVAC technician can offer you. Thermostats that learn your schedule and run your system according to your time spent at home are great! You will also receive regular power usage reports and tips via these thermostats. These reports help guide you in lowering your utility costs even further.
  • How old is Your System?- What is the age of your system? How often is your system breaking down? Older systems are surely less efficient than newer makes and models. There is no question here. Talking with the HVAC expert technicians at Guardian will give you a clear idea of how replacing your system can save you as much as 30-50% off of your utility costs. Your 20 year old system may be chugging along at the expense of your monthly utility bills and comfort. If you are experiencing an increase in breakdowns, decrease in comfort and air flow, and high energy costs; take the time to research the benefits of a new HVAC system. Plus, with a new system you can get 0% financed options from Guardian, a new warranty and satisfaction guarantees. Comfort, affordability, lower utility spend…. are all achievable!

If your electric bill is high and you see the costs skyrocket during the summer months, there is help! Lower your bills. Stay cool and comfortable. Better your Air Quality. By following these tips and scheduling your preventative maintenance with Guardian Heating, Air, Plumbing and Electrical, your home will stay cool and your wallet will stay fuller this hot Atlanta summer! Contact the experts at Guardian today if you see a dramatic increase in your energy costs or haven't had your HVAC system maintained this season. With flexible scheduling, financing, and expert teams to serve you, Guardian is sure to be the HVAC company of choice near you! Call 770-727-1888 or schedule online!


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