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Save Money with these Insider Secrets When Buying a New HVAC System

Save Money with these Insider Secrets When Buying a New HVAC System

Your HVAC system has seen better days, and now is the time you should start thinking about how to save money buying a new HVAC system. Heating and Air systems are the largest expense, as well as the largest drain on your wallet from a utility standpoint. You may think you want the cheapest HVAC system money can buy. Before you make your final decision, read this "how to" guide. Making quick decisions pressured by your discomfort can cost your hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Let's take a look at how to save you $$$ money when buying a new HVAC with these insider tips:

Get More Than One Estimate

While you may be desperate in your home with a broken AC, now is not the time to make an impulsive buy. Make sure to get more than one company to take a look at your needs. The truth of the matter is, some companies have excellent salesmen on their payroll. Not all companies have YOUR best interests in mind. Interview more than one company and review their offerings side by side. You may be surprised by not only the price difference but also by the varied recommendations.

Always Get a Written Quote

Any company that doesn't provide you with a printable quote does not stand behind their pricing, or has something to hide. Whether it be shady practices or dishonest undocumented estimates, make sure you take the time to review and compare your quotes side by side. A formal printed estimate is a detailed account of the services provided at a guaranteed price.

For that matter, any company that doesn't guarantee the price on their quote is also one that you should be weary of. To explain, if you had a company representative in your home who physically reviewed the job, then they should properly account for all costs. Make sure the estimate is guaranteed and you will absolutely not be responsible for more the day of installation. If the company incorrectly estimated the job, you should not be responsible.

When asking for a quote via pictures or video, keep in mind that proper measurements need to be taken. On site visual confirmation may find changes to the original estimate, that may have not been clear via the media you sent. This is the only time you should expect possible changes.

Energy Company HVAC Rebates / HVAC Tax Credits

There are a variety of offers from local energy companies that can save you money when changing out HVAC and plumbing equipment in your home. High efficiency equipment may provide you with a higher estimate up front, but when paired with HVAC rebates and tax credit you will save in the end. Plus your monthly utility costs will lowered saving your even more green! Any respectable company that provides you an estimate will have knowledge of the local programs available to you. Here is a quick summary of local offers and rebates.

Manufacturer Rebates - Don't be Deceived

First and foremost, don't be deceived by large dollar discounts. Each manufacturer will offer rebates on certain makes and models of equipment. Do not expect entry level equipment to have a high dollar discount. The more expensive the equipment and higher the efficiency, the more of a rebate you can expect.

At the end of your transaction, each reputable company will charge for the labor, equipment, and other standard costs. However, some companies use the tactics of cushioning or matching manufacturer rebates to make it appear as a large discount in their marketing or estimate process. What you will often see is a drastically elevated initial price and then the reduction on your estimate. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when reviewing your quotes, not the discounts. Review the equipment size, SEER, Warranty and final cost. Disregard the creative maneuvers some companies use as a display tactic.

Does a Cash Sale Make a Difference to Save Money? YES…Sometimes!

If a company is able to reduce the price by hundreds if not thousands of dollars, is it an honest company to begin with? Beware of high priced companies that drop the price by thousands to begin with. On to the cash negotiation. Different credit companies may charge the business anywhere from 1-10% of the total amount charged. It doesn't hurt to ask if paying in cash will allow for a reduction in price. If paying with a card/financing, ask which option charges the company the least. Also, if you can support a cash down payment and finance/charge less, you may be able to get a little reduction in price this way also. Your company of choice should offer you a reasonable price to being with. If there is not much wiggle room, and the price is comparable or lower than others, consider this an honest quote.

Should I Buy My Own Equipment Which Seems Much Cheaper Than My Quote? NO!

Those facebook, refurbished, open box, low price HVAC sales may seem attractive. Don't do it. You still have to first pay someone to install the system. This generally will add up to a small savings in comparison to a brand new unit and you won't have the security of a warranty. Any reputable company will not install used equipment or equipment that it did not purchase from the manufacturer. That leaves you with handymen or businesses looking to make a quick buck. The most important thing after the integrity of your equipment is the installation. A poorly installed system can leave you with hundreds of dollars worth of repairs after the fact. We have seen this time and time again. Remember, new equipment comes with a warranty. Used does not.

Install Multiple Units to Save Money

If you're thinking about installing a system now and another again 6 months - 1 year from now, consider installing both at the same time. Multiple systems can be installed in 1 day. This saves the company a little on labor and driving time, which may come to you as a discount. If you are opting to purchase your equipment during a financing promotional period, the company may have a reduced rate from the financing company. What does this mean for you? Potential wiggle room on the price. Especially when purchasing 2 units.

When to Buy Your HVAC Equipment save money in off season

You may be faced with a scenario where you have no other option but the purchase mid summer or winter. While it may be a necessity, this is not the ideal time to purchase your unit. For the highest cost savings and ability to "wheel and deal," consider buying a new HVAC system during the off season. In Cobb County and surround, the best time to buy a new air conditioner is from March-May and a heating system from late September-November. This also is dependent upon normal weather trends.

Don't fall prey to "Hot Weather Demand!"

Some companies will prey upon customers who are desperate for cool air relief. They will push you into a quick installation while charging you full price knowing you are uncomfortable. Don't fall for it. Even if you are uncomfortable for a few days, get multiple estimates. Interview the companies and go with the company who will take care of you for years to come. Remember, you have some relief when your AC is out. Drink cool beverages. Keep the air moving with ceiling fans. Spend time or sleep on the lower levels which tend to be cooler. A few days of discomfort can save you thousands!

Focus Your Efforts on All Around Package to Save the Most Money

First and foremost, make sure you are reviewing the quotes against each other, and comparing apples to apples. One company may appear cheaper, but the equipment brand and size may be different. For example, the slightly higher quote may offer a better warranty, name brand equipment and higher SEER level. Is it worth a few hundred dollars in comparison to builder grade equipment with a lower efficiency? Yes! Long term energy savings are well worth a small front end cost.

What about those Low Low priced advertisements?

Don't be fooled. The low price "in the door ad tactic" most often leaves you with a higher estimate. Those companies that advertise and leave you with a dramatically lower price, have to cut costs somewhere. Math is math. The company has to buy the equipment, pay for labor time and overhead. We often see cost cutting during the installation process. Poorly installed "slapped in" systems that we are often called to fix shortly thereafter. Repairs you will pay for on a newer system. Repairs such as hanging ducts, kinked lines, poorly leveled pad, disconnected ducts and so forth… This can be such a frustration! We also see low priced companies pushing the lowest quality and lowest rated equipment to allow for such a drastic decreased price.

Get Your Free In Home HVAC Replacement Estimate from Guardian

It's no secret to our customers that our goal is to offer affordable pricing matched with expert installation practices. Why are we so reasonable? We take pride in creating long lasting relationships with our customers. We know the value of every relationship. No install and run tactics with Guardian.

Guardian offers not only Free In Home Estimates but also a Meet or Beat Price Match Guarantee. With our 5 star rating, you can easily read accounts of services and our reasonable pricing. With our guarantee, we will review your in hand quote and meet or beat that quote from a like competitor. What do you have to lose? We'll review your estimate and provide you with the best installation processes.

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