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Spring Storms are Coming- Is Whole Home Surge Protection Worth the Cost?

Crack, Boom, Pow… No this is not the sounds of super heroes, but the lightning and storm sounds of spring. Your home is vulnerable to electrical power surges every day, not just during storm season. Spring does pose additional hazards to your electrical system with the potential of lightning strikes.

What is Whole Home Surge Protection?

Simply put, a surge protector diverts or grounds the power generated by a surge and sends it away. There are a number of different types of protective devices; whole home and outlet extension being the most popular. Without this added protection, a power surge can cause your home appliances and electrical systems completely useless. Essentially frying the electrical components and potentially becoming a fire hazard.

A surge does not just occur during Georgia's storm season. You wouldn't be wrong in thinking that storms are responsible for much of the damage that can be done to your home's electronics. The biggest cause of power surges are the equipment you have in your home, such as: HVAC systems, microwaves, washer & dryers, and even appliances such as hair dryers and refrigerators.

Do I need Surge Protection?

A professionally installed surge protector can save you thousands in comparison to the minimal costs upfront. Each day, homeowners lose their electronic devices to power surges and grid disruptions. With the increase in load on our aging infrastructure to the power surges that occur from storms, surge protecting devices are a necessity.

If you were to add the cost of your televisions, appliances, medical equipment, HVAC system, water heater, electrical system, garage door opener; along with anything else that is plugged into the wall, the replacement costs reach the thousands!

Whole Home Surge Protection in Cobb, Paulding, & Cherokee County

The electricians at Guardian can provide you a whole home safety solution to the potential of hazardous power surges. With a quick and simple installation, the benefits of whole home surge protection outweigh the cost. Contact the experts at Guardian Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical to protect your home, and receive an additional 10% off when you schedule online.


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