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The Value of a HVAC Maintenance Agreement

The Value of a HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Once the heavy heating and cooling months hit, the value of a HVAC maintenance agreement can be plainly seen. You get the oil changed in your car regularly and don't think anything of setting the appointment. Majority of home owners understand that taking care of their HVAC system is much like maintaining a vehicle. Especially when your expert HVAC technician is able to catch any problems before they happen! Learn about the benefits of Guardian's Shield Protection Plan and how it can save you time and money!

What is a Maintenance Plan?

Simply put, a maintenance plan is yearly contract between the homeowner and Guardian to maintain your HVAC equipment. HVAC Tune Up Dallas, GaSometimes called a "service agreement, service contract, HVAC maintenance agreement.."all these terms equal the same preventative maintenance required to keep your system running in tip top shape. Generally speaking, you should have your system tuned up once in the spring and once in the fall, prior to the main usage seasons. A maintenance plan provides you with pre-scheduled visits with added benefits.

It may appear that a maintenance plan is no different than just calling ahead for a seasonal tune up. In reality there are additional member only benefits! Guardian's Shield Protection Plan (SPP) offers maintenance plan members 15% discounts on repairs, priority scheduling, standard 1" air filters, and so much more! As a loyal customer, our SPP members always get the same loyalty in return with first priority service.

What is the Value of a HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

  1. COST SAVINGS! When you need us, you not only get discounted rates on your service call fee, but also on your repairs. a 15% discount can save you a significant amount of money if the repair is one that is more serious. Plus, the yearly SPP fee saves you money in comparison to tuning up each system, independently.
  2. AVOID POSSIBLE BREAKDOWNS AND REPAIR COSTS! It never fails. Mid cold spell or hot flash and your HVAC system breaks down. Now you are stuck calling around looking for someone to come and repair your systems asap. As a SPP member, you get the red carpet treatment. With priority scheduling, you will get squeezed in as soon as we can. But that's not our goal… our goal is to maintain your system so it DOESN'T breakdown mid season. That's the purpose of our pre-scheduled maintenance visits. To keep you comfortable and without worry all season long!
  3. KEEP YOUR SYSTEM RUNNING LONGER! Your HVAC system does have a lifespan. Our goal with our Shield Protection Plan is to keep your system properly maintained to manufacturer specifications. This allows you to get the longest life out of your system. When the time comes that replacing your system is more cost effective and a better benefit, we'll maintain your new system for you keeping it lasting throughout the years.
  4. MAINTAIN MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES! You many not be aware that in order for you to utilize your home warranty or system warranty benefits, often it is a requirement that you properly maintain your HVAC system. Countless times we have had customers lose on their home warranty benefits for not keeping a HVAC maintenance agreement with a reputable company.

HVAC Maintenance Agreement Kennesaw, GaWhy Guardian Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical?

There are many companies claiming to provide the best service and the waters often can get muddied with creative marketing schemes. Guardian is your answer to your home HVAC needs. Just read our reviews. As a company, owners Richard and Eveline Eppers, saw a gap in the home service industry. As many companies focus on bottom line and installing equipment fast and then running to the next, Guardian's main focus is creating lasting relationships with our customers. No sales tactics. Just integrity and honesty in all we do. Learn more about our team and what Guardian stands for here.

Don't delay in signing up for a HVAC maintenance agreement. Guardian's Shield Protection Plan can offer you a number of benefits in keeping you comfortable throughout the seasons. Keep your HVAC system lasting longer and breakdown free with routine inspections. Just like you would maintain your vehicle, make sure to do the same with the most expensive mechanical equipment in your home.


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