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Thermostat Problems? How to Tell if You Need a New Thermostat

Thermostat Problems? How to Tell if You Need a New Thermostat

Are you having trouble with your air conditioning? Often times homeowners overlook the thermostat as a culprit for the need of AC repair. If you find your AC is not cooling or turning on, make sure to take a peek at your thermostat before you call for repair. We'll tell you how to troubleshoot common fixable thermostat problems and review how you can tell if you need a new thermostat.

My HVAC System isn't Keeping Up with the Set TemperatureHeating & Air Thermostat Marietta, Ga

Your thermostat may not be installed in the appropriate area to regulate your home properly. First of all, make sure that your thermostat is away from heat producing devices. For example; electronics, lamps, or direct sunlight can change the read temperature. Added heat from these sources can alter the reading of the room's temperature, and may keep your AC running longer than needed. Your thermostat being located in a drafty area or near a register can create negative results. The cool air reaching your thermostat can alter the reading causing it not to call for air conditioning, even though the rest of the room is at a higher temperature.

Call in your HVAC professional if you're confident that the thermostat is placed correctly and you find that your home is not cooled to the set temperature. A simple diagnosis and repair can get your home comfortable again with repair to your thermostat problems.

My AC will not Turn On

When your AC will not turn on, your first assumption may be that there is something wrong with the system itself. You may just be having thermostat problems. A short wire or faulty wiring can cause the communication to fail to your HVAC system and cause your AC not to turn on. Set your thermostat to cool. If the system fails to turn your AC on, the next step is to verify the batteries are good. Make a quick battery change. Still nothing? Time to contact a trained professional to diagnose and repair the problem.

My Thermostat Screen is Blank

You're used to seeing the glowing lights of your thermostat and now your screen has gone blank. You should always check your batteries first. Replace them with new ones and see if there is any change. Next step is to make sure that the breakers in your electrical panel are not tripped. Regardless of your efforts, still nothing? Try to reset the thermostat. If these steps still have not provided you with a solution, then it may be time for a new thermostat.

nest learning thermstatYou can try to install a new thermostat yourself, but with thermostat advancements, it is always recommended that you have a professional install and calibrate your thermostat. This will provide you with the best outcome! Some programmable thermostats can come with a small book of functions which your HVAC technician will be familiar with. Your HVAC expert can program your thermostat to your schedule and give you a quick tutorial as to how to optimize your energy efficiency and comfort.

The experts at Guardian Heating, Air, Plumbing and Electrical are trained to combat any of your AC repairs. This includes all of your thermostat problems. Our team will make sure that your current thermostat is functioning and communicating with your HVAC system. If you find yourself without AC or your AC just won't turn on, troubleshoot with our tips. Still not relief from the heat? Give us a call to get your thermostat calibrated or replaced, or Maybe you are in need of a new thermostat. Our experts will install one for you and give you a tutorial!

Schedule your AC repair or thermostat installation today. Your most simplest of thermostat problems are handled with the utmost care. At Guardian, our goal is to Save Your Day with our Expert Service!


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