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Top 10 Common Heating Repairs

Top 10 Common Heating Repairs

We've Made a List of the Top 10 Heating Repairs

Do you know the risks and dangers that can cause your furnace or heat pump to break down, and leave you out in the cold? With over 20 years experience servicing heat pumps and furnaces, we've seen our fair share of common heating repairs. While not all repairs are created equal, there are many preventable reasons causing you to be left without heat. Whether you live in Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, or Cartersville; the heating repairs services and advice are always consistent across the counties.

heating repair woodstock, gaCommon Heating Repairs

1.Pilot Light or Ignition Control not Operating- There are a number of reasons your pilot light may be out. Whether it be a draft blowing the pilot light out, bad gas regulator or faulty thermocouple, it is important to make sure that you have this checked out by a licensed professional. While it may seem simple to just attempt to relight it and the job is done. This is not the case. Ignitors on newer makes and models are also known to need replacing multiple times throughout the life a system. Call in the experts to diagnose and repair the problem.

2.Clogged or Dirty Air Filter - A dirty air filter can restrict and limit the air flow through your system. It adds additional strain on your motor. This can cause your unit to overheat and trip the limit switch. Replace your air filter regularly. Make sure that your system is seasonally maintained to get the highest efficiency. When changing your air filters regularly, this small task paired with regular maintenance can even extend the life of your system.

3.Lack of HVAC Maintenance- While we are on the subject of proper maintenance. A good seasonal tune up is required to not only keep your system warranty intact but also to make sure your furnace stays breakdown free. A regular heating tune up will better your air quality, extend the life of your system and prevent premature furnace repairs. Not to mention, provide the best comfort in your home. Yes, HVAC systems are out of sight and out of mind until something goes wrong. We hear this all too often. Join our Shield Protection Plan and we do all the work and reminding for you!

no heat thermostat kennesaw,ga4.Faulty Thermostat- "Is your thermostat working?" is a common question we ask our customers. Make sure the batteries are not out of juice. If you feel cold air coming from your vents when calling for heat, check your thermostat first. It could be that the thermostat was set to 'OFF' or the batteries are depleted. If either of these scenarios don't get your broken heater working again, call the experts at Guardian. The thermostat may still be the culprit. Our licensed HVAC experts are fully equipped to make that diagnosis and repair!

5.No Fuel- Your propane gas tank may be empty or there may be a problem with the gas flow from the gas company's end. Check the utility website for outages and expected repairs. If there is no worries here, the heating system may have a problem that restricts the fuel availability that heats your home.A gas valve may need replacing. Leave the gas repairs to the experts. It takes special training and expertise to assure a safe heater.

6.Safety Switch on Furnace Door- We've already recommended that you change your filters. Sometimes, if the furnace door is not closed properly, it may cause your system to not turn back on. A safety switch is located on the blower compartment which shuts the power off to your unit, if it is not engaged properly. Make sure the door by taking off and on again. You will know that this was the problem if your heater runs again.

7.Tripped Breaker- A tripped breaker will cause your heating system to not work entirely. However, a check of your electrical panel can do the trick. Make sure to flip the breaker to the 'ON' position. If your system still doesn't fire and begin heating, call in the experts from Guardian to diagnose and repair the system.

8.Noisy Heater- Your heater is not meant to be a distraction or disturbance. Hearing clinking, banging, squealing, popping, or grinding? Contact a licensed HVAC technician. These sounds are not normal. While you may hear your system turn on and off, any unusual sounds should be inspected. A seasonal preventative maintenance check will help isolate these types of occurrences before they happen.

9.Gas Smell in Home- Proceed with Caution. Turn off your furnace and call in the experts. Anytime a strong gas odor is noticeable in your home it is always best to be safe than sorry. Contact your gas company for further instructions.

furnace repair acworth ga10.You Have High Energy Bills- Utility costs can be higher than normal for a variety of reasons, depending on the age of your system. Older, inefficient, systems can drain your utilities, and drive up your monthly costs. On the front end it does cost more to replace your HVAC system. However, the 12+ years of lowered utility costs you will pay for the system itself and then some. Not to mention, the better comfort, air flow, warranty and no stress of breakdowns you will have. Consider starting with a free estimate. Your monthly payment of a new system paired with the energy savings may make little impact to your monthly spend. Guardian offers Free In Home Estimates + Next Day Installations in most cases!

No One Plans For Heating Repair & Replacement

Rightfully so, there is nothing more stressful than being uncomfortable in your home. Heating repairs are never planned for, and HVAC replacement is rarely something a homeowner budgets for. The experts at Guardian are ready to help you navigate through the possible options to getting your heat blowing again.

As a matter of fact, a simple call to our customer service experts will leave you at ease when you finish with an appointment most convenient to your schedule. Your emergency is our emergency! Schedule your heating tune up, repair or HVAC replacement free estimate today. It's easy for you to upgrade your HVAC system with Guardian with our flexible financing options, 0% apr term, rebates, and additional offerings!


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