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Ultimate Fall Checklist for the Home

Ultimate Fall Checklist for the Home

Sure as the sun rises, fall to do's will make your schedule when the leaves start to fall. Guardian's ultimate checklist for the home will help prepare you and your home for the cooler months both inside and out.

Check the Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, and First Aid Kits

Make a routine out of checking the fire safety equipment in your home. This includes your carbon monoxide detectors (especially if you have a furnace). While we hope we never need it, not having operating fire safety equipment can be detrimental. Same applies to your first aid supplies. Often times the band-aids go missing one by one. Make sure you refill before you're out. Andsmoke detector don't forget the allergy supplies, headache medicine and disinfectant. Keep your supplies in one centralized area so it's easy to quantify your supplies and restock them.

Clean Your Chimney and Fireplace

The smell of fall is nostalgic. Especially, the first fire of the season. Before you break out the firewood and marshmallow sticks, make sure you have your chimney and fireplace inspected. This is not a risk you want to take. The buildup inside your chimney can cause a fire. One cleaning each year can reduce the risks and keep your chimney operating safely. While you're cleaning the inside of your fireplace, inspect the tiles and bricks for cracks.

Check Your Windows

Why would you need to check your windows. If they aren't broken there is no need right? Wrong. The caulk can dry and crack around the windows. This can cause the cold air to make its way inside your home. Not to mention, cracks and gaps around your windows can also create little nooks and crannies for bugs to make their new homes.

Now is also a good time to clean the outside of your windows and check the screens for rips and tears. You may prefer to take your screens out and store them for the winter to protect them. If this is your preference, make sure to label your screens for easy installation come spring,

Wrap Your Indoor Pipes

Each winter we get the same calls… "my pipes burst." While metro Atlanta may not see frigid freezing temps, there are many a nights that the temps drop and temps fall below freezing. We see standard building practices leaving pipes in the garage uninsulated. The same applies in unfinished basements. Take a quick peek around your unfinished spaced and outside walls. Make sure your pipes are insulated. While you're at it, make sure that any holes where the pipes exit to the exterior are sealed.

Inspect Your Roof

We are most definitely not suggesting you climb up on a steep roof and take a peek. However, having a licensed contractor inspect your roof can help prevent major water damage in your home. Make sure they look for cracked shingles, potential soft spots, and also check the seals around any vents. This is also a great time to clean your gutters free from fallen leaves.

Inspect Your Heating System

Your heating and air system is the most expensive mechanical equipment in your home. Routine preventative maintenance not only cleans your system but also prevents unexpected breakdowns. A tune up checks all the major components of your heating system, resetting them to factory specifications. Not to mention taking a look at your heat exchanger where the gases are exchanged and warm the air. This is a crucial component and hot spot for damage over the years. Routine maintenance helps keep your system efficient and safely operating.

Stock Up On Supplies

Storms have a way of surprising us and leaving us without power. One fallen tree can leave you scrambling for supplies. Make sure you keep a good stock of batteries, water, firewood, and easy to make meals that are non perishable. A luxury item to think about stocking is a solar phone charger and it's always good to have extra fuel for your vehicles. Preparing now may seem premature. However, that defeats the whole purpose of preparing in advance for the unexpected.

Get Your Seasonal Yard Maintenance Finished

Raking leaves, cutting grass, trimming hedges, cleaning the garage, putting away hoses.. these are all those little duties that we dread come fall season. While your first thought may be to let the wind blow the leaves away, rotting landscape material make a great home for rodents and grime. Overgrown shrubs can restrict airflow around your heating and air system or grow into your siding/windows causing damage. Don't neglect your outdoor patio stones or decks, making sure they are not trip hazards.

Take the extra steps to maintain your home. While taking a weekend out of your schedule to perform routine duties can seem exhausting, the rewards are well worth it. From keeping your biggest investment looking fresh and clean, to helping prevent any potential damage, completing your to do list is a must before the winter weather arrives!

The experts at Guardian can help you with your heating and air system. Mark that item off of your list with a heating tune up from the best! We'll take the worry and hassle out of fall maintenance. Schedule today.


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