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Having hot water on demand is a necessity and a convenience homeowners cherish. Water heaters are one of the most used appliances in your home, often taken for granted. Advances in the plumbing industry have dramatically improved the quality and efficiency of tank and tankless water heaters.leaking water heater marietta ga

Look no further if you are in need of water heater repair, maintenance or installation. Guardian’s team of licensed plumbers will provide you with quality repairs and installation, assuring you will never be left in the cold! When you are in need of water heater repair in areas such as Marietta, Acworth, Smyrna, Dallas or Cartersville, you can expect fast and reliable plumbing services from Guardian.

Contact the plumbers at Guardian today for your emergency water heater repair at 770-727-1888.


Why Don’t I Have Hot Water?

Your water heater takes a lot of wear and tear over the years. Realistically, you can expect it to last on average for 10-15 years. During your time as a homeowner, you may need to replace your water heater a time or two. As it ages, you may find that you need emergency repair services. Lack of or sporadic hot water, lukewarm water, leaks, or even lack of pressure can all be common signs of immediate water heater repair services. Some common culprits to your cold showers may be:

  1. Sediment Build Up in your Tank
  2. Faulty Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve
  3. Heating Elements Malfunctioning
  4. Problems with the Thermostat
  5. Thermocouple Needs Attentions
  6. Damaged Dip Tube

Guardian’s expert plumbers are trained to service gas and electric water heaters of all makes and models. We have access to a full parts inventory for necessary water heater repairs, making your service time short and efficient.

tank vs tankless water heater roswellTank Style Water Heaters

Most homeowners in metro Atlanta have tank style water heaters. The water is heated and stored in a tank. Guardian will repair or replace your traditional water heater by starting with an appointment with one of our experts. It’s important to have a licensed plumber review the current wiring, gas lines, and space to assure you receive a flat rate priced estimate that includes all of the necessary work. Our installation always includes the removal of your old unit, precise installation and clean up to leave your space better than we found it. You are a left a happy customer with running hot water!

Tankless Water Heaters

A great solution to your hot water needs is a tankless style water heater. These units require a larger investment on the front end but provide you with dramatic savings over time and leave you with on demand hot water! The water is not preheated and stored in a tank. Instead, it is heated when you need it providing you an endless supply of hot water. Take longer showers and save on energy with a tankless model. The space requirements are also less, providing you a cleaner and less cluttered space.


Top Water Heater Questions Answered

Can I switch from a Tank to Tankless Water Heater?

Short answer ..Yes! Your Guardian plumbing expert will perform a site visit to establish the correct spacing, power source, and review the scope of work providing you a guaranteed estimate. While some installations require a little extra work if you are changing fuel types, most installations are quick and easy without extra costs associated with the installation. You’ll love having hot water longer and seeing the reduction in your utility costs!

Should I Repair or Replace My Water Heater?

There is a saying “If your water heater is 8, don’t wait!” Usually around this time, water heaters start showing signs of age, leaks, rust, and reduced hot water. While your water heater can easily last 10-15 years, around the 8 year mark is when it is strongly suggested that you take notice of your water heater routinely. A leaking water heater can wreak havoc in your home and cause damage and even mold.  If you notice any of the following, it may be time to start preparing for a new water heater:

  • Rust on the tank
  • Water stains or active drips
  • Discolored Water
  • No Hot Water
  • Lukewarm water
  • Strange Sound

Do I Need Water Heater Maintenance?

To ensure that your water heater is operating correctly, maintenance is key. We recommend a yearly water heater maintenance to address any potential need for repairs before disaster happens. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your water heater and assure highest functioning. Guardian offers flexible scheduling and routine water heater maintenance to keep the hot water flowing without interruption!

How to choose the right Plumber:

When you are faced with a plumbing emergency, finding a company that you can trust is important. At Guardian, we understand that you look to us as the expert. For this reason we hire only the best and brightest licensed plumbers to provide you with the right answers to your needs.

How do we do this? We listen to your needs and wants and use our expertise to provide you with fast, reliable, and cost effective solutions. Whether you need your water heater replaces or are remodeling bathroom, our technical team is ready to answer all of your questions and provide you all the information you need to make the best choice for your family, budget and needs.

Some things to pay attention for when choosing a Plumbing company:

  • Experience- What is the experience level of the owner and the employees? There is something to be said for a business that has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the right solutions. A company that is licensed, bonded and insured is important to protecting you and your home. While competitive pricing is important, be weary of companies that offer a low low price.
  • Reliability is important. Is this company going to be there for you when you need them most? There are companies that install your water heater or provide quick repairs, but when the time comes that you need them for a follow up visit, they are hard to get a hold of. Some even consider you low priority and provide you an appointment months out. Make sure that the company you choose considers you a priority. Water has a way of getting into all the nooks and crannies of your home and when you have an emergency, you need a company you can trust.
  • What are the company guarantees? At Guardian, your satisfaction is always guaranteed – 100%! That means we do all we can to make sure you are 100% happy with our service and your experience. We want lifetime customers from each interaction, not just a “done and run” scenario.
  • How about those reviews? The quality of reviews makes a difference. Sometimes quantity is great, but remember the best reviews are the ones that provide you with a good explanation of what to expect. This goes for good and bad reviews. While every company may be faced with disgruntled customers who never update their review with positive outcomes, if you notice a trend in negative reviews you may find yourself in that position as well. Always do your research- it can save you time and money.

Call the Experts from Guardian

Whether you need routine maintenance, small repair, or water heater installation; Guardian’s expert team of licensed plumbers are ready to take care of your water heater needs. We can provide same day water heater installation, quick and efficient repairs matched with the highest quality of plumbing service in Cobb, Paulding, Cherokee counties and surround. As a local and family owned company, Guardian’s focus is on providing the highest level of care worthy of your referrals. You won’t find a better value than Guardian. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers matched with competitive and fair pricing will leave you smiling. Our goal is to earn your business for life, not one transaction.

Contact Guardian today to schedule your water heater repair, maintenance or installation at 770-727-1888.

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Had a wonderful first experience using Guardian for our electrical needs! It’s nice to know there are still good, honest companies out there that are committed to their customer’s needs without charging a fortune. Will most definitely be using again!

– Doug A.

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Guardian came to my rescue when my water heater started leaking. My basement was covered in water. Keith came out and immediately provided me with a diagnosis and estimate for a new water heater. He was able to install it quickly and cleaned up after himself like he was never there! Thank you Guardian!

– Anne C.



  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff– A job well done is only as good as the training and experience of our experts. We hire and train the best to make sure you are only getting the best.
  • Flat Rate, Up Front, Fair Pricing– There are never any surprises when the Guardian experts are at your home. We offer flat rate pricing which means you know what your repair will cost before we do the work without any surprise adjustments.
  • 20+ Years of Experience – Your Plumbing is a complex system that can wreak havoc in your home if it springs a leak. Having an expert plumber on your side to inspect your home properly can keep you from disaster.Our team is licensed and expertly trained to ease your mind and take care of even the hardest of projects.
  • Stress Free Repairs– We understand that having a plumbing emergency can be stressful. Our team of experts are not trained to push you into buying products and services you don’t need. No pushy and untrustworthy salesmen here. We focus on informing each customer of the options available and making accurate recommendation paired with seamless repairs and installation.
  • Priority #1 – Our Customers – “Saving the Day with Expert Service,” is what we do. Making sure we always provide work with the highest skill and integrity, is how we do it. We know that not all homeowners are experts in all things plumbing. You need a company that has your best interests at hand. Our focus is creating relationships with customers for years to come and not the single job we may perform for you today. We’re not just your emergency plumbing repair team, we’re your home experts for years to come.

Common Plumbing  Problems

Leave the repairs to us! If you notice any of these problems, you may be in need of one of our licensed plumbers to diagnose and evaluate your home’s plumbing system to prevent a potential leaky disaster!

  • Gurgling & Clanging Pipes
  • Air in Pipes
  • Reduced Hot Water
  • Leaky Faucets & Fixtures
  • Running Toilet
  • Water Pooling in Yard
  • Loss of Water Pressure
  • Water Stains
  • Clogged Drains

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