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What is a Low Flow Toilet?

What is a Low Flow Toilet?

What is a Low Flow Toilet?

A flush is just a flush right? Not in the case of the amount of water your toilet uses to flush down the unmentionables. Whether you are on a well or using city water, limited the amount of wasted water flushed down the drain is an excellent way to not only help the environment but also reduce your monthly bills.

Simply put, a low flush toilet, (also known as a high efficiency toilet), uses less water. That’s it. While it may not seem fancy or complicated, the average low flush toilet uses less than 1.3 gallons of water per flush. Whereas, the full flush counterparts have been known to even use up to 5-7 gallons with every flush.

Toilets are the main source of water usage in your home. In the case of larger families with older model toilets, the toilet can potentially be flushed 15+ times in a single day. That equates to over 100 gallons flushed in just one day.

If you are considering upgrading to a new porcelain throne, consider one that offers you with lower water usage. The licensed plumbing experts at Guardian can replace your old inefficient toilets to newer models. Schedule online today and receive an additional 10% off of your newly installed low flow toilet.


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