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4 Sounds That Mean Bad News from your Furnace

4 Sounds That Mean Bad News from your Furnace

4 Sounds that mean bad news from your furnace are BOOM, SCREECH, RATTLING, and CLANKING. If you're hearing bumps in the night.. no need to hide under the covers. The culprit very well may be your furnace. Most definitely any out of the ordinary sounds coming from your heating and air system can pose a big problem. Immediate action is required. sounds from furnace

Recently, we had a Calhoun heating repair visit where the sounds coming from the furnace sounded as if we were in a machine factory. Thankfully the customer called right away to address the issue, but had they not, it could have been a huge hit to their wallets! As expected, the customer was alarmed and thankful to have the peace and quiet of her home once we repaired the system.

B is for BOOM!

Are you hearing a boom or banging noise coming from your furnace? It could mean something as simple as a dirty burner. This most certainly is not a sound to ignore. Any possible repairs involving your burners, if neglected, can become dangerous. We always want to stress that anything involving the burners and possible gas emission, should be addressed sooner than later.

If you are hearing a boom sound coming from your furnace, the combustion chamber and burners can become clogged from grime and build up. The gas builds up and when it ignites, makes a "boom" sound. Dirty heating equipment can cause a problem called "delayed ignition" where there is a small explosion within the combustion chamber.

Preventative heating maintenance is the way to prevent the furnace sound of "tick tick BOOM." Get that heater repaired and continue with routine inspection and cleanings. This will assure your heater is operating safely, which is most important.

Cover Your Ears… SCREEEEECH!

That grinding and screeching you are hearing from your heater is most certainly not good. Your furnace has a number of electrical and mechanical components. When these components stop working , yet your system is still running, it can cause a screeching sound. Usually the culprit is your blower motor, which is what pushes the air throughout your home. While the screeching blower motor may just need some lubrication, it could also be "seized up."

A screeching furnace sound is a good indicator that your heat is not blowing or will need emergency heater repair soon enough. We can't stress enough that routine check ups will help prevent these unbearable furnace sounds.

Are those sounds a RATTLE or a CLATTER?

Be aware of this awful furnace sound. A rattling or clattering coming from your furnace can mean that you have a cracked heat exchanger. If this is the case, it can mean that you have carbon monoxide leaking into your home. This is a dangerous situation and should be looked at immediately. Most often times you'll be needed a free in home estimate and should consider replacement of your furnace.

However, don't panic just yet. The clattering sound can also mean that you have loose parts or panels that are rattling. Make sure to set your repair appointment immediately to verify the problem. As we always recommend, ask to see the evidence of the cracked heat exchanger. The experts at Guardian will always show you their findings. Cracked heat exchangers are the #1 misdiagnosed or overly diagnosed heating repair. Read more here.

bang sound from furnaceBANG, BANG, CLANK Goes your Furnace

Metal on metal furnace sounds mean just that. Clanking and banging are never good. It definitely means something has either become loose or is rubbing against one another. Whether it be a blower wheel, or other components, get an expert out to your home right away. Make sure to turn off your system to assure no further damage occurs to the rest of your system. As we always say, routine hvac tune ups will make sure that all the components of your heating system are working in tip top shape as designed.

Schedule your emergency furnace repair here or text/call us at 770-727-1888. Our experts are ready to give you your quiet back from the unbearable bangs and clangs. Your safety is of utmost importance to our experts. Taking the necessary steps to prevent and repair those sounds is our priority!


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