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The Difference Between HVAC Brands

The Difference Between HVAC Brands

When you are looking at replacing your aging HVAC system, how do you decipher the difference between HVAC brands? With the variety of brands all claiming to provide the best equipment, choosing the right options for you can become frustrating. Add a pushy salesman to the process, and you may be left feeling like you walked onto a used car lot.

Where to Start When Buying a New HVAC System:

There are many things to consider when looking at replacing your air conditioner or heat pump. Brand, make, size, SEER, efficiency, financing options, and contractor are all things to review when making the decision. Most often the need for a new HVAC system is unexpected and can increase your sense of urgency, adding to the stress of the situation.

You have already qualified and confirmed the need for a new HVAC system. So now the research phase and estimate process begins. As a well prepared consumer, you want to make sure to obtain a minimum of 3 estimates. The purpose is not the find the cheapest quote. By obtaining more than one estimate, you can assure that you find a reasonably priced quote matched with the best value. Value in service, HVAC brands, budget and company providing the work.

What is the Difference Between HVAC Brands?

We often times focus much of our attention on brands. Just think about the cell phone you carry or the car your drive. What about your sneakers or brand of work out attire? You are either a Iphone or Android person. Or maybe you prefer Chevy over Honda. Do you have Nike products or Under Armour? The products may not vary by much and serve the same function.

HVAC brands of equipment is not much different. Most of the interior parts of ALL equipment are manufactured by a select few monster companies such as Johnson Controls and Emerson. These parts then go to the manufacturers that package them into different lines of equipment. Many of these manufacturers make the same equipment and just change the outside packaging and brand name. For example, Trane and American Standard provide the similar equipment with different outer labels and packaging. They market the lines to different target audiences.

Perhaps the main difference lies in the bells and whistles of each product, such as the color of the unit and the accessories that come with it.

What is the most important factor when deciding on HVAC Brands?

The most important factor when choosing the difference between HVAC brands is not the brand itself but the company installing the brand. Simply put, each brand will heat and cool your home. Some HVAC brands may be known to be more durable, quiet, or affordable but regardless of which brand you choose, a poor installation will haunt you the life of whichever system you choose. Remember that each HVAC brand markets a certain angle and is known for that benefit.

There are hundreds of moving parts, electrical connections, wires, etc.. that your HVAC technician should be trained to install. Many home fix it handy men can do the minimum to have a new system wired, however knowing that the system is appropriately sized for your home and is pushing the correct amount of air for your space is key to a comfortable home. Saving a little money by a less experienced contractor often can cost consumers hundreds of dollars when the system faces the peak heating or cooling season and ends up breaking down.

Find value in the following:

  • Reviews - read the good and bad and find trends. There will always be naysayers but are many saying the same thing?
  • Word of Mouth- who do your neighbors, friends and family use, and what was their experience. This speaks volumes!
  • Licenses- Make sure the company is properly licensed and under supervision. Check the company accolades such as BBB rating and awards.
  • Offers- some of the more reputable brands not only are selective on who they let purchase and install their products but also provide customer incentives to help make your decision easier.
  • Who Owns the Installing Company- Make sure the owner is accessible to you. A local company will generally provide you catered care and focus more on customer service than pushy sales tactics. Don't opt for 1 man shows without a referral.
  • Price- We hear it time and time again… "I knew I shouldn't have picked the cheapest guy." There is some part of their service or installation that is being eliminated to offer you a low low price. You should choose the middle of the road company with strong and consistent reviews. The company that is charging you the most often is compensating for large overheads or poor financial management.

Lucky for you, Guardian not only has a 5 star AVERAGE rating (that means almost all of our reviews are 5 stars and we encourage you to read them), but we also tell all our customers the same thing. "We want to be your home service company for life and not for just one quick install," and we mean it!

We are licensed, bonded, insured and factory trained. Our preferred manufacturer lines are American Standard and Rheem. However, we can get other HVAC brands if you have a preference. Both American Standard and Rheem have great programs available to consumers. Lastly, your neighbor owns Guardian Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical. What do we mean? The Eppers live in metro Atlanta and work IN the business not just own the business. Each installation, phone call, and transaction is overseen by them directly. The difference between HVAC brands is your research and company you choose to partner in your home comfort for years to come. Get a Free In Home Estimate and Comfort Evaluation today. Schedule now!


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