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Is it Too Late for a Heater Tune Up?

Is it Too Late for a Heater Tune Up?

Heater tune ups ..it's never too late! Most certainly there is a time when a heater tune up is ineffective and that is when your heater is not working. Whether you are in the frigid cold or milder Atlanta winters, it is imperative to have your heating system maintained before breakdowns occur. Don't underestimate metro Atlanta's spring chill we see each year. If you've made it this far without a breakdown, that's great news! However, don't discount the need for an expert pair of eyes taking a deep dive into your heater to make sure it is fully operational.

But It's Almost Spring - I don't need a Heating Tune Up!

No matter! Get a tune up anyway! Here's why: It is a misconception that the heater and air conditioner don't rely on some of the same mechanical components. Purely false. The blower, thermostat, some electrical components, circuit boards are utilized throughout both the heating and air conditioning seasons. It is not too late to make sure your heating system is operating at peak performance with just one simple heater tune up visit. Plus, you'll have a jump start for cooling season until you have your routine spring maintenance.

But My System is Working Fine!

Is it? How do you know your heating system is working efficiently, and without potential hazards or problems? Until you have a trained set of hands review all the components of your heater, you don't know what isn't working properly. Another misconception is that if "it's not broken, don't fix it." What about all that dust, grime and build up that you don't see, but are most certainly breathing as it flows through your air? Or those elevated utility costs that you haven't really taken notice to? Proper maintenance, such as a heater tune up, takes care of the unforeseen, the built up grime, and the weak/loose electrical connections. Most importantly, while your system may be working fine, there is always a potential for a breakdown. Preventative maintenance does just that… it helps prevent those inconvenient breakdowns.

heater tune up save with thermostat repairEnergy Savings and a Longer HVAC System Life

An improperly maintained HVAC system loses up to 5% of its efficiency each year. On the other hand, a properly maintained system will continuously keep 95% of its efficiency without loss. Keep those hard earned dollars in your wallet and keep comfortable through every season. Not to mention the benefits of extending the life of your system. Think of your HVAC system like a car. How long will your car last without breakdown if you never changed the oil? The same applies to your heater. If you don't change your air filter, it reduces your air flow. Same applies to the electrical components, mechanics etc.. The small investment each year for maintenance can save you years of premature replacement costs.

While we are always here for all our local Marietta, Kennesaw, Cartersville and surround emergency HVAC repairs, make sure to have our team out to take a look at your heater. Utilize either a heater tune up visit or join our Shield Protection Plan for twice yearly maintenance visits. 85% of unexpected repairs could have been avoided with proper maintenance visits. Schedule Now for your heating tune up and make sure to check out our specials page for our current offers.


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