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Make Your Home A Smart Home With NEST

Make Your Home A Smart Home With NEST

With technology and information available at our fingertips, it's no surprise that our home can be a part of tech era! Make your home a smart home with nest products. If you haven't plugged in yet and researched how the products of today's home can make your life easier, let us help you! Guardian is a Pro nest installer, trained in providing you with top quality nest products and installation.

Nest Thermostat

nest protect installationThe nest thermostat is more than just an HVAC accessory. It is a learning thermostat that not only controls the temperature in your home, but also starts saving you money as soon as it is installed. Having earned the EPA Energy Star rating, the thermostat feature 'nest Leaf ' provides you with a temperature recommendation that will best save you money!

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the nest thermostat is that it learns your schedule. When you leave, come home from work, increase your temperature and decrease it; the nest thermostat learns your habits and schedules and sets itself accordingly. After a few days of manually setting the thermostat, the nest programs itself and adjusts accordingly. This automatic adjustment on your behalf saves you money!

The nest learning thermostat can ultimately pay for itself the first year of usage. Once your nest Pro technician installs the thermostat, you just go about your day. Adjust it from the thermostat or your mobile device, and the thermostat will start saving you money immediately. Make your home a smart home with nest! If you're not sure when the right time is to change your thermostat, read our guide here!

Nest Protect

It is critical for your safety to have a reliable carbon monoxide and smoke detector. The nest Protect is a reliable options that offers great bells and whistles to make your life easier. First, it has been tested and adjusted to prevent false alarms. It also warns you via mobile device before it will sound. This alerts you and also allows you to turn the alarm off prior to sounding. Most importantly, the nest Protect tests itself so you don't have to.

With smart sensors and a communication platform that can alert the whole family in case of emergency, you will feel safer and better connected. Open the nest app and you can see when it last tested itself, battery life and also the cause of any alerts. Gone are the days of a chirping smoke detector with low battery notifications right to your mobile. Perhaps the best feature is a built in night light. Consider yourself a smart home owner with the nest line of products installed by the nest Pro Elite installers from Guardian.

Nest Cams

nest cam outdoorSurely the most comforting thing is knowing that your home is safe while you're away. The nest cam alerts you when any movement is seen within its range. While you're away at work or vacation you can monitor the mail delivery, your children or even pets. What's even more reassuring is that in the event a concerning movement is seen, such as an intruder, you have the ability to speak into the app and it is broadcasted via the nest cam speaker. Scare off any would be intruders, or just give directions to your children playing outside.

Look after your home 24/7 and get alerts when you can't watch the live feed. Whether it be night or day, the clear high definition picture will provide you peace of mind. Your home just got smarter with the nest line of products, including the outdoor nest cams.

Schedule your nest product installation today with Guardian's nest Pro technicians. You'll be certain that your invested smart home products are installed correctly and get an easy tutorial of how to use them. Leave the hard work to us! Schedule online today and receive 10% off of your service call fee!


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